November 30, 2011

Santa is Delicious

My sister and I moved in to our house a little over 5 years ago.  Though we always decorate for Christmas, in that time we have never put up a Christmas tree. This is for several reasons, but more specifically the last 3 years because of our little terror angel Mimi the Wonder Chihuahua.

The first year that we had this little bundle of satan, she ate a Christmas wreathe.  Not just nibbled....devoured. Destroyed.  Have you seen the birthing scene from the new Twilight movie yet?  It was something akin to that.  Styrofoam, needles, ribbon were scattered all throughout the upstairs...even stuck to the ceiling.  It was then and there that we decided no Christmas tree for us!

This year however, my sister bought a pre-lit Christmas tree that she's been coveting for 3 years and so we decided to go ahead and try it.  Mimi is almost 4 now and hasn't really eaten anything too detrimental lately.  We set up the tree last Saturday, plugged in the lights, put up the garland, and decided to wait til the next day to see how she did with it.  Surprisingly she showed absolutely no interest.  So on Sunday we put up the ornaments.

Every day we come home we check to make sure the tree is still standing.  So far everything has been intact!

.........Until this morning.

As I walked by Mimi's chair I happened to look down at her collection of stuffed toys that she keeps close watch on.  Sitting on the very tippy top, under her little paw, was a little stuffed Santa ornament.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Since the tree was in tact and there was no sign of mischief, I imagine her sitting on her throne, checking out the target, choosing her intended victim and then ever so delicately slipping Mr. Clause off the tree with her sneaky little teeth.

She's a naughty one all right....but oh does she keep us laughing!