November 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday

This past Saturday was a busy busy day.  Went to a baptism at church, bought some new shoes, then worked a 6 hour shift.  As my shift got closer to ending I started feeling light headed and nauseous.  I had had a little bit of the flu on Thanksgiving, and so I figured it was because I hadn't eaten much in the past 3 days and waved it off.  After work, I Drove up the canyon with my sis to use her gift certificate to a fancy over priced French Restaurant (featured on Sister Wives!....sadly they weren't there) and had shrimp cocktail and dessert.  On the way back down the canyon I was really feeling sick but figured it was from being in the car and the twisty road.  By this time it was almost 10 pm and I still hadn't really eaten anything all day except the shrimp and dessert.
We decided to stop at WinnCo and get some groceries because they were giving away some free eats. 

The air outside smelled terrible due to being down wind from a sewage treatment plant.  I made a semi-joke about it making me want to throw up.  As we walked in to the store we ran in to our neighbor Josh.  I asked if his wife was there, and he said that he left her alone with the kids.  We joked that he was sneaking beer and that he was going to share it with us.

All of sudden I knew I really was going to puke.  I told my sister in a panic and ran to the bathroom which fortunately was close to the entrance.

Warning...this is gonna be gross.....hence the title. :)

I barely made it in to the stall....and Cue the Projectile Vomit.  Seriously, it was like the pie eating contest scene from Stand By Me.  Except I was the only one there.  Same amount of puke, less people.  Let me tell was everywhere.  The floor.  The walls.  The seat.  My jacket.  My skirt.  My brand new $105 shoes.  In fact the only place that it didn't get on was my hair.  Not sure how that happened.

I tried to clean up as best as I could and had to tell some poor young girl at the customer service counter.  She tried to make me feel better but I could tell she was none too happy about the clean up job she was going to have to do.  And I was absolutely mortified.

Luckily my sister was close by and we were able to go home soon after.  She was so sweet to me and washed my clothes and everything.  I then spent all day Sunday in bed.  I am finally feeling better, and hope to never repeat this episode again.

P.S. My sister is appalled that I wrote this post.  She even made me edit and leave some stuff out.  She says I am bringing shame upon our family name.  Sheesh...Amateur.

November 16, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Peppermint kiss brownie bites

Welcome to another addition of Tasty Tasty.  You know, the one where I steal someone else's recipe and post it on my own site, like I'm some sort of baking genius?

Today's recipe is one that I stole from Jocelyn at InsideBruCrewLife and modified a little because I'm not a huge pumpkin fan.  So I used the white and pink peppermint kisses.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Delicious!!!!!

Click on the link above for the recipe.  It's totally easy, and delicious!

Here's a copy of her picture to get your other senses involved......  Now go make these yourself!

November 12, 2010

Food for the Soul

I saw this sign this morning on my way to work, in front of a Presbyterian church. 

"Wisdom is seeing Time in God's perspective"

I thought it was incredibly smart, and something that I struggle with in my own life.

And then 5 minutes later I saw this bumper sticker.

"Jesus is coming....look busy"

And even though it's a little sacrilegious, I still kinda like it.  Maybe it would a little more fitting if it said "Jesus is coming...GET busy"

There are so many areas in my life that I am lacking in.  I'm certainly not ready for Jesus...are you?

November 4, 2010

TMI? Probably...

So the big news of the week is I passed my kidney stone yesterday...or at least most of it!  YAY ME!

It was embarrassingly tiny for the amount of pain that it caused.  I think calling it a stone is a bit presumptuous.  They should call it a kidney speck.  Or a kidney smudge.  Or a kidney-if-you-blink-you-will-miss-it-in-the-pee-strainer-thingy.  Though I guess none of those names command the kind of respect that the word "stone" does.

Anyway, I passed the stone but still felt really crappy and was worried that I might have an infection so I went in to work for a couple of hours yesterday and then went to the Dr.  Dr A said I probably only passed part of it and to keep drinking water til I felt like I would puke.  Really?  Water? I can think of many other things I'd rather consume until the verge of puking.  Cookies. Brownies. Ice-cream. Lasagna. Cookies. (Ooh!  That reminds me!  I have cookies in my purse!  Nom Nom Nom!).

So I tried to keep up with my water therapy last night, but really, after you eat 5 a couple pillsbury ready bake sugar cookies for dinner, there's only so much room for water.  I popped another flocase (designed for men with enlarged prostates.  Which I guess is fitting since the mailman thinks I'm a Mr. Anyway)) and swigged another case bottle of water.

Around 4 a.m., in the midst of a Sister Wives Marathon (creepily addictive) I got up for my 987th trip to the bathroom to pee my little guts out.  As I was sitting on the pot, minding my own beeswax, this spider came running at me at breakneck speed!  I panicked because here I was cornered, caught literally with my (under)pants down!  Around my ankles no less!  I didn't have the time (or the manual dexterity for that know, naked butt and all) to grab a shoe so I just grabbed a piece of toilet paper and squished him.

Or so I thought.  That little bugger was speedy and shot back out of the inadequate piece of TP.  But I was faster and turned again and caught him!  Ha!  Squashed him dead!  I threw the TP in the toity and continued on with my business.  Which really was just #1 people, but the whole spider incident was making it take longer.

Suddenly I felt something running across my bum!  AAAAAAGH IT'S THE SPIDER!!!!!!THERE'S A SPIDER ON MY ARSE!  HELP ME RHONDA!!!

Oh my gosh, breathe!  BREATHE!  No, No, of course it wasn't the spider.  It was just a little run away pee since I stood up in the whole process to catch that damn arachnid.

But it freaked me out for a second.  I mean, really.  Could you imagine the call to my Dr if it really had been?  Um, Hi, Yes, this is Stacy, I was in there earlier today?  Yeah, um, well I passed the stone, but now I have a bigger problem.  It has 8 legs and 4 eyes.  Should I go to the ER again?

Is this really my life?

November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat?

This weekend I was house/dog sitting for my friends in Park City.  You might remember the Naked Hot Tub incident of '09. 

Yep, same house.

This weekend was going to be insanely busy and I should have said I couldn't sit for them.  Actually, I did say I couldn't sit for them, but then I felt guilty about not serving others, blah blah blah and called them back and said I would do it.  Ok, fine, really it's because she offered to pay me.  But whatever.

I'll spare you all the details of the weekend, but suffice it to say, Saturday was nuts and I was exhausted by the time I got back "home" Saturday night. Sunday I woke up , drove the 50 minutes back to my house and went to church.  I was feeling exhausted, crabby and more than a little sick.

After church, I drove back up to Park City.  I tried to take a nap but the 3 dogs wouldn't let me.  So I threw the ball around for a while, made some cookies, and started feeling more and more sick.  At 6:30 I sent my sister a semi joke text "I think my appendix is bursting".  20 minutes later I decided it was no longer a joke.  She offered to drive up and get me, but I said I would just lay down for a while and see if the pain went away.

Fast forward 1 hour.  I am crying from pain.  I drove myself to the emergency room and told my sis to meet me there.  A few thousand dollars hours later, cat scan results showed I had a kidney stone.  I was all doped up on pain killers (bless you pharmaceutical company) so we had to leave my car there and drive the hour back home.

After a night of the worst pain in my life, a morning of throwing up and crying, hours of restless sleep, I was starting to feel better.  I assumed I had passed the stone, and I was feeling like I got off pretty easily.

Until the Percaset wore off.

I am currently drugged up again and feeling pretty good.  I'm a little afraid of that  4 hour mark though when the pills wear off.

I have been receiving many kind comments and phone calls today.  And then I received these two from my dad and sister:

Dad - So, last year she had a gall stone and this year she has a kidney stone?  Are we sure her head's not full of rocks and they are working their way down her body?

Sister - Either that or since she can't get anyone to give her a diamond, her body knows the only way for her to get some sort of rock is to produce them on it's own.

Ha Ha.  Very funny.