November 30, 2009

Perfect Brownies anyone?

Oh man, do I love brownies.  They speak loving words to my soul.  I like them plain. I like them with mint.  I like them with german chocolate frosting.  I like them with powdered sugar.  I like them with cream cheese and broken up peppermint candy pieces.  I like them in a box, I like them with a fox, I like them here and there, I like them EVERYWHERE!

A few months ago I was visiting the "mothership" aka Walmart, and this little gem caught my eye.

The Perfect Brownie Pan Set.  Imagine a spot light of celestial beauty shining down upon it with angels singing "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".  This I  must have!  A pan set that Makes. Perfect. Brownies.  Glorious!  I pointed it out to my sister, certain she would agree that we must have it, on the spot!  Instead she gave me a look like I was a moron, and said, "what do you need THAT for"?  I tried to pretend that I did not feel rejected.  That the perfect brownie pan set was no big deal.  That a little piece of my SOUL did not die that very minute.

I still sneak a peak at it each time I am at Walmart.  There are always 5 there.  I'm not sure if that means that no one else is buying it either, or if they keep it replenished because they fly out of there like hot cakes.

Maybe Santa will put it in my stocking.  I HAVE been a good girl this year.

November 25, 2009

I am alive!

I'm alive and  well to blog another day.  Woohoo!  The surgery went really well. I had a pretty bad asthma attack while trying to wake up and had to get 2 breathing treatments.  Then I was on oxygen for a couple of  hours b/c I couldn't regulate on my own.  But other than that, no problems.

I feel pretty good. I've been up and moving around and have been nibbling the past 2 days.  A little pain but nothing that a nice Loritab can't fix in a jiff!  Now if only the Chihuahua would stop jumping on my stomach!

So happy Turkey day tomorrow to all of my bloggy friends.  I hope your holiday is special!

November 23, 2009

Surgery Schmurgery

Welp, it's here.  Tomorrow is the big day.  GBR Day.  That's Gall Bladder Removal Day incase you weren't familiar with the acronym.  Not to be confused with GNR Day.  Guns 'n Roses.  Man I loved those guys in the 80's.  Not their crazy heavy metal songs, but who didn't rock out to Sweet Child of Mine (and maybe still does!).  And Welcome to the Jungle (we've got fun and games. We've got everything you want....)  I'm pretty sure that my naive 15 year old mind didn't quite understand what that song was about, but I still loved it.  Oh, oh, and take me down to paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.  Gosh, I might need to do some iTunes surfing tonight!!!

Anyway, I digress.  I am supposed to be at the hospital at 8:30 tomorrow and the surgery is scheduled for 9:45.  I am scared poopless.  Ok, not quite, but you know what I mean.  If one more person tells me that it's super easy and I have nothing to be scared of I might lose it.  I mean, really LOSE IT!  I know that it is  not a major thing, but I'm a scaredy cat.   My middle name is Chicken.  No, it's not, it's Marie.  But I think chicken is more fitting.  SO I'm scared.  Big deal.  Get over it!

Today I stayed home from work b/c I wasn't feeling well and slept all day.  This was probably a huge mistake since I will most likely be spending the next 5 days in bed.  My dogs only give you one sick day.  They are more than happy to lie down with you all day and sleep.  For one day only.  On day 2 they are on to you and they want to be entertained.  Played with.  Taken outside. Fed.  Dandie will sit on my pillow with her face up to  my eyes, licking my forhead.  Mimi will stand on my chest with her eyes up to my eyes, staring in to the depths of my soul.  She is using subliminal messaging.  Feed me Seymore!  Geesh people, leave me alone!

So now I am eating everything in the house, because I can't eat after midnight.  Which doesn't seem like a big deal until someone tells you that you can't do it.  Then suddenly eating after midnight seems like the most important thing in the world.  I have my jello, pudding and gingerale chilling in the fridge.  My sweat pants are folded neatly on my dresser.  And I'm ready.

Did I mention that I was scared???

November 20, 2009

Friday Fragmnets

Got this idea from someone else's blog today...sorry that I can't remember who and attribute this to them!  Fragments of thoughts for lazy folks not wanting to take the time to write a real blog?  Giddyup!

Heard on the Radio today "You can never have too many saddle pads". I couldn't possibly disagree with that statement more.  Can't think of any reason for even one saddle pad.  Especially since at first I thought they said Saddle Pants and was clueless as to what those were.

I'm pretty sure I just saw Kid Rock at the bus stop...or at least what he will look like in 10 years.  Not pretty folks, not pretty ta-tall!

I recently realized how often I say tidbits in my blog.  Note to self:  Find new word for tidbits.

I am pretty positive I am going to regret my lunch choice today..lasagna and bread sticks from Pizza Hut.  So delicious...worth the pain I'm sure to experience in T-20 minutes?  I'll have to get back to you on that.  If I survive.

Adios  and Via Condidos is currently playing on my iTunes radio.  I am dedicating it to my gall bladder.  Sianara sucka!

I am not getting the H1N1 vaccine.  Has nobody seen "I am Legend"?  I'm just sayin'.

I hate when people start a sentence with "Is what I'm saying is".  Really people?  It's almost as bad as "We was walking to the store" and "I says I'm going to eat some chocolate".  mmmmmmmmm....chocolate.

I can't figure out how to change the wording of "Comments" on my blog.  Do you need a degree in molecular science?  Cause this little gal dropped out of college.

I am going to use my gallbladder surgery as an excuse to buy some sweatpants.  And then I am going to wear said sweatpants to work and in every aspect of my life until I absolutely cannot get away with it any longer.

Ba Deep Ba Deep Ba Deep, that's all folks!

November 19, 2009

Gimme an N! Gimme an E! Gimme a W!   Gimme an M! Gimme an O!Gimme another O! Gimme an N!  What does it spell?  It spells My-friend-Shana-won-tickets-to-tonight's-midnight-showing-of-New-Moon-and-she's-taking-little-ol'-me-WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!  Thanks Shana, even though I know for a fact you don't read my blog so really I could say anything about you that I wanted!

November 18, 2009

Things I learned yesterday

Yesterday was a very informative day.  I learned or realized some interesting (to me anyway) tidbits. Here they are in  no particular order.

1. Hobby Lobby is an amazing store.  I want to find out how much they charge for rent and move in.
2. Men do not look good in sweat pants.  Especially a certain bald snarky programmer in my office who I usually refer to as The tool or the DB (nickname edited b/c I am a lady).
3. The corner Circle K stopped selling my caffeine free diet coke from the fountain.  Those morons brought in Coke Zero instead.  Fortunately they still have little ice..which I refilled for FREE in my humongous 54 oz New Moon cup that I paid 5 stinking dollars for at the movie theater a few weeks ago.
4. Tootsie Pops are gluten free.  And delicious.  And should not be bitten unless you want to break your back teeth.
5. Gluten free animal crackers are not delicious.  Although Boo Boo and Satana (the dogs) enjoyed them.  But they also eat poop, so they are not the best judges in my opinion.
6. How I Met Your Mother continues to out do itself week after week....just watched the episode where Robin and Barney got old and fat and broke up with each other.  Priceless.  Can't wait to see next week's Slap Bet..was just thinking that Marshall had been holding out for a little too long.
7. Your gall bladder is 4 cm wide and 8 cm long.  A gall stone of 1.5 cm will certainly clog up this little organ.

I hate to end a list on number 7...what a weird number...but that's all I can think of right now.  Today I meet with Dr-I-want-to-remove-your-gall-bladder-with-a-lapriscopic-thing-a-majiggy-and-charge-you-$3700-for-an-hour-of-my-time.  Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll be single and cute.  But more than likely he'll be rude, bald, and wearing sweat pants.

November 16, 2009

The ultra sound results are in.  It's a....Drum Roll please.......bouncing baby gall stone!  Well, in truth it's a large gall stone measuring 1.5 cm.  And the prognosis is.......that dude's gotta come out.  I have a surgical consult on Wednesday to find out more details but my dr said that I really should have the gall bladder removed.

I feel petrified nervous at the prospect of surgery and pain, but relief at the prospect of my stomach problems being cured.   Let's all cross our fingers that this is the cause of everything and that I can start eating chocolate feeling better quickly.
I may or may not have "borrowed" this idea from IchnoArt one of my SISTStas today.  She calls it a front porch party.  Even though I do not have a front porch, I do loves me a good partay!  Here are some interesting (?) tidbits about me. (sorry Facebook friends, I also used some of these in a note that I was tagged in earlier this year):

1. I love the song "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake
2. I never EVER drink from a water fountain, with the exception of at church because I've seen them clean it with my very own eyes.  My sister drinks from them all the time.  I'm pretty sure she will end up with Hep C and I will laugh, point, and say I told you so
3. I like to write with my purple pen at work. It makes the day feel a bit cheerier
4. I have been in love 3 times in my life; twice as a teenager and once as an adult. I am not sure I'll ever be completely over the last one.
5. I tried to talk my sister out of buying a house with a big yard and now I am Queen of the Yard Work. I LOVE GARDENING!!! But I pay the neighbor kid to mow the lawn.  Yes, I’m THAT that is boy's work.
6. I love watching Mimi the satanic Chihuahua stretch across the carpet and rub her belly.  I also love to watch her prance.
7. I am addicted to little ice. I go to the gas station every day to get some. I found it at the grocery store last Christmas and served it at a party and everyone was jealous of me.
8. I have a handful of friends that I cannot imagine life without.
9. I cherish my relationship with my sister more than I ever could have imagined.
10. I have been hurt more times in my relationships with girls/women than with boys/men. I am learning again as an adult that women can be catty and even cruel. It does not hurt any less at 36 than it did at 16.
11. I own a power drill...and am not afraid to use it. I am learning to be Ms. Fix-it, and resident bug killer. Though I am scared senseless of mice.
12. I can cook and love to bake but if left to my own devices I would survive on cereal and Oreos
13. I am addicted to buying shoes that don't fit. I have a closet full of shoes that I cannot wear.
14. I strongly believe that Thanksgiving should have it's own season and that Christmas decorations should stop trying to steal it's thunder.
15.  I lay in bed thinking of things to blog about. I love to hear that my blog makes people laugh.

November 13, 2009

I've got a new attitude!

Holy sheep dip!  I don't know who let Debbie Downer and Crabby Patty hijack my blog, but they are so out of here!  No more woe is me.  After a long day of feeling sorry for myself, I've decided to take control of my life and my health.  Although I know it's going to be hard to make the diet changes that I need to, I'm excited at the prospect of feeling better and finding a healthier happier life.

Now...on to more important things...So You Think You Can Dance.  Was it just me, or did Nigel have his knickers in a bit of a twist last night?  I think Susie Sourpuss might have made a little visit to him as well.  Yes, none of the solos were FANTASTIC, but I didn't think they were horrible!  Except maybe Eleanor's.  Or is it Evelyn?  Either way, it was a little odd.

And let's talk about Hotty McSixPack.  Ryan.  The reason he's been in the bottom 3 the last couple of times can be explained with 3 little words.  Too Many Clothes.  Seriously man, TAKE. OFF. YOUR. SHIRT.  Remember in the auditions and he came out with no shirt on and all of the judges (and every woman in the free world) were salivating all over themselves?  Let's get back to THAT scene!  Yeah, your face isn't bad.  Yes, your wife, Mrs. Mc0%bodyfat, is "learning and progressing", but you don't want to go home next week just because of a wardrobe malfunction, do you?  DO YOU??!!

We'll have to see what next week brings.  Happy weekend!!!

November 12, 2009

Today I feel down in the dumps. Dejected and frustrated. As I mentioned in my last blog I've been having stomach trouble for the past month. The truth is, I've been having stomach trouble for the past several years. Like 10. Or longer. Anyway, after years and years of tests and being told it's all in my head, today I sort-of got a diagnosis. IBS...Irritable bowel syndrome. And possibly gall stones. And probably Celiac. Did you see that there are a couple of ANDs in there? It just seems so overwhelming and hopeless.

I know this is dumb to feel this way. I should be happy. Grateful that it's not life threatening or debilitating. I have a good friend and also an aunt battling cancer. One of my friends has MS, another is HIV positive. And yet another friend has some rare neurological disorder that will eventually result in the amputation of her hands and feet.

MY problems can all be controlled by making changes to my diet. There's the frustrating part is a sampling of what I need to cut out of my diet: Wheat (including white flour...which is in EVERYTHING...just in case you didn't know), Chocolate (which runs through my veins), fatty and fried foods (hamburgers. AND french fries..horrors!), raw veggies such as salads, broccoli, cauliflower, apples. (Ok, truth be told those things I don't mind cutting out!).

I know this is not a death sentence. I need to lose weight anyway. Lots of weight. And I did cut out chocolate for a year in high school. That was a hard year. But I know that if I do these things I will feel better. That my life will be easier. That I will have more energy and better moods. But the thought of giving up cookies makes me want to cry. Big FAT cookie tears.

November 10, 2009

Today I am on the BRAT diet. Again. In case you don't know what this's Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. I've been having stomach problems for the past month and I keep going back on this diet for a few days until I feel better. Actually today I'm just on the TAG diet..Toast, Applesauce and Gingerale, because I don't have any bananas or rice and I'm too lazy to go to the store.

Before I left for work, I was smart enough to grab a jar of Mott's chunky applesauce from our food storage to bring with me. This jar is liquid gold to my sister and me. They do not sell the chunky kind in Utah. Anywhere. I had to order it special from Smith's grocery entire case of it from Mott's. So we have been using this liquid gold sparingly. I opened the jar and was aghast to see some bad spots in it. I quickly checked the expiration date....Best if used by May 8, 2009. Oops.

Since I don't like to be wasteful, and this case of applesauce cost me $17, I decided to eat it anyway. I threw away the bad spots. No one has to know. Then there was a strange stringy thing in it. I choose to believe that it is a piece of apple stem, and not a spider leg which it really resembles.

My mom used to work for the customer service department of Lucky grocery stores in CA. She was the one that took the calls from upset people. One day an old lady called her and said that she found a dead spider in her frozen lemonade. Um...gross. Frozen dead spider. I can't remember the results of the phone call, but obviously the lady was not satisfied. Because a week later my mom received a letter in the mail from the old lady. Complete with said spider, wrapped in a baggie. I'm sure that was a once in a lifetime occurrence. That a poor little spider did not suffer the same fate as the lemonade spider and fall in to the vat of Mott's Chunky apple sauce. Yes, I'm sure it's just an apple stem. I threw it out just in case though.

November 5, 2009

I like to embarrass my sister. I can't help it. She gets embarrassed by the silliest things. Sometimes it's annoying, like when we are at the grocery store and she's embarrassed to ask where the cookies are. Ok, that's a lie.....we know where the cookies are. It's like I have an internal road map straight to the cookie department in any grocery store in the world. But you get my point. Dumb things embarrass her. Every so often though I get the opportunity to REALLY embarrass her. Like tag weird pictures of her at girls camp on facebook. And then, just because I can, I put it on my blog. Ha Ha!

November 3, 2009

Fall in New England is my favorite time of the year. There is a crispness in the air and the tree lined streets are glimmering with gold, copper and red leaves. You can hear them crunching as you walk through the many outdoor festivals...Chowder Festival, Apple Cider Festival, etc. There is a little apple stand in the front yard on the way to my old church in Springfield, MA that sells apple cider pressed from their own orchard and apple cider donuts.

The photo in my header reminds of those days when I lived in Connecticut. Now that I live in Utah, the Fall season is very short. We usually only get a few weeks of cooler weather because Winter is quick to push its way in. I still love it though. The mountains are filled with beautiful colors, and like the line from Miss Congeniality, "It's not too hot or too cold. All you need is a light sweater!"