February 27, 2010

May I have the envelope please??

Thank you so much to all those that participated in my Random Acts of Kindness giveaway!  Because of you, 20 fabulous acts of kindness were received.  Hopefully some of those people passed it on, and they passed it on,  and then THEY passed...ok, well you get the picture!

Ok, the part you've all been waiting for...................The 2 winners!!

And they are....................

Christopher's mommy at Peeperspage
Mary at...well, I'm not sure she wants me to put her blog address on here, but just know that she's awesome...and NOT just because she's my neighbor! (Plus she loaned me an egg tonight so I could make lemon squares...see?  She really is awesome!)

I used to find the winning numbers.  I tried to save the pics so I could show them to you, but I couldn't figure it out, so there you have it.

I am so glad that these 2 ladies won.  They both did the most acts of kindness out of everyone so it's only fitting that they won the Pay it Forward prize!!  Remember, the rules to this giveaway are that you now must do your own give away in return, and link back to my blog.

Thanks again to everyone that entered, and let's keep up the kindness!

February 26, 2010

Last day to enter

Hello folks!  Today is the last day to enter my giveaway.  I hope you aren't thinking too hard about the random act of kindness.  You don't have to donate a kidney or perform CPR on a dying cat or anything like that.

Make your kids a special breakfast that is not the norm?  Counts.  Empty the dishwasher even though it was just your turn to fill?  You betcha.  Be especially nice to that girl in your office that hates you because you are trying to kill her with kindness?  You can for sure use it...but from my experience she won't come around.  She will just hate you more for being so dang chipper all the time.

Here's the link in case you need it again!  My First Give Away!!

February 24, 2010

Try not to be embarrassed for me, BUT.....

I made my first purchase on QVC tonight. 

I know, it's humiliating!  I'm 37 and single, and now I'm ordering off of Q. V. Freakin'. C.  I might as well get me a bunch of cats while I'm at it, cause I just sealed my fate of dying an old bitter maid.

Here's the problem.  I have a bit of a problem with insomnia....and even though I'm EXHAUSTED at night, I often can't sleep, so on goes the TV until the wee hours of the morning.  That's how I got my addiction to The Wizards of Waverly Place.  OOH!  Have you heard Salena Gomez's new song on the radio?  SO awesome!

Anywhootles....anyone that's up late enough knows that not much is on the old boob tube after 1 a.m. except infomercials.  I cannot tell you how many times I've watched the one on WEN hair products by Chaz Dean (loved him on "Flipping Out").  That little Melissa Gilbert can really suck you in with her infomercial skills...she's a REALLY good actress.   And don't get me started on Valerie Bertanelli and her show on Cindy Crawford's skin care line...that biotch looks amazing at 46 (thanks Surfer Wife for your awesome celebrity encounter BTW).

So this has been going on for several weeks.  And even though I've had to sit on my hands to not get my credit card out of my wallet been slightly tempted to call once or twice, I have held fast and firm to the truth that TV advertising is junk.  (Anyone remember the Perfect Brownie Pan disaster of '09?)

Tonight I was upstairs cleaning up the kitchen, minding my own business, when I strolled by the
livingroom and this picture caught my eye.
 What's that you ask?  Why it's the Cottage Farms 12-piece miniature rose collection, of course!  I couldn't resist it.  It was only $29.9 plus shipping.  And the two gay guys on QVC talked me in to it!  (The gays can be a pretty persuasive people ya know!)  So with 10 seconds to spare, I swallowed my pride, called Julie on QVC and gave her my debit card.  She was really nice and didn't act like I had anything to be embarrassed about, by the way.

Though that didn't stop me from talking quietly so my sister wouldn't call upstairs to ask me who I was talking to.  

P.S.  Only 3 more days to enter my giveaway!

February 18, 2010

100th Post AND a.......GIVEAWAY!!! YIPPEE!!!

Oh my Gosh! I've just been doing silly posts this week and HAPPENED to check my post counter and realized I had almost MISSED my 100th POST!!! That would have been horrible! Ok, probably only horrible to me, I'm sure no one else would have noticed...or cared.

Except that I am also doing my very first GIVEAWAY!  TIMES 2! Woot Woot!
I was the lucky recipient of the Pay it Forward prize from the lovely Theresa at Too Many Heartbeats. She sent me a great package with yummy smelling candles, a cute mug, a starbucks gift card (which I gifted to my friend Cat) and a great book on 30 days of worship.
Now it's my turn to Pay it Forward to Two of my lovely readers.  TWO (2) winners will be chosen randomly by a very clever random chooser thing-a-ma-jiggy that has yet to be discovered.  These lucky ducks will receive a fancy package with a few of my favorite things!  (I promise it will not include girls in white dresses OR schnitzel with noodles...I'm pretty sure that would NOT package well).  Hint: I love cookies, chocolate, flowers and gardening, and ummmm.....well to be honest I haven't put that much thought in to it yet.

I don't like to beg people to follow my blog (but I won't turn ya away if ya wanna!), and I certainly don't know how to Tweet.  So how can you enter to win my fabulous prize of a few of my favorite things?    

Let me start off by saying that this year in Primary we have asked the children to participate in Random Acts of Kindness.  To step outside themselves and serve someone unselfishly.   Since this is something that helps the world go round,  I say why the heck not!  So the way to enter is simple:  Participate in a Random Act of Kindness and leave me a comment on this post about it.  You can either do the act yourself, oversee the act (if your child wants to participate), or be the recipient of an act of kindness.  You may enter up to five times.  (not that I'm trying to limit your kindness...feel free to do more on your own!)

Contest ends at 11:59 MST on Friday, February 26th.   I will draw TWO (2) winners at random and announce them on Saturday, February 27.   PLEASE be sure to leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. I will notify both winners via email and they will have 48 hours to respond.

So have a happy day and let's get out there and be kind!

February 17, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

What? 2 posts in one day? I know, I indulgent of me! But I couldn't pass this up.

Last night my friend and I were cleaning out the primary closet at church. (Primary in my church is the "sunday school" for the little kids. Someone thought it would be funny to make me the Primary President. Their serious lack of judgement aside, I love it!) The closet was a BIG ole mess and hadn't been cleaned out in several months.

Kristi brought her 3 kids along since their daddy was in the gym playing a "friendly" game of ward Ball. Jennalynn, the middle child, is 4 and one of the funniest (and naughtiest) creatures on this planet. She is teeny tiny but packs a LOT of personality let me tell you.

We were getting caught up in our groove thang when Kristi realized she hadn't seen the kids in a while. After a quick exploration, she found Jenna in the primary room, standing at the podium with the microphone practically in her mouth, giving a little no one. "Guys, Guys. Do you know who the Holy Ghost is? He's a big guy. Kinda like a snowman."

What?? Seriously.....where do kids think up this stuff? Had a good little chuckle over that one!

Wordless Wednesday

February 14, 2010

Dear Cupid, you suck!

I'm not sure you remember the letter I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago.  Here is a refresher: Dear Cupid Part I.

I just perused my list again, and I just could not find the line where I asked you to send me a head cold and a 100.6 degree fever for Valentines Day.  And I scrolled through my memory banks and  nowhere did it hold a spot where I even THOUGHT about not being able to breathe through EITHER nostril, nor did I ask for my ears to be inflamed from the inside out and my eyes to be burning like hot lava.

So you can keep your crappy cold.  And your no good bow and arrow.  And tell your friend the Easter Bunny that I'm on to this little game of yours.

Lose this number!

February 11, 2010

Told ya so!

Once upon a time there was a girl named "Ycats".  She didn't like to be told what to do and was a bit of a know it all (even though she was still awesomely fun..and beautiful).  She also liked to fancy herself as frugal at times.

One particular Friday her friend from high-school "Ydnim" came in to town to visit for the weekend.  That night as they were driving around (after seeing a ridiculously horrible movie "From Paris with Love") Ycats realized she was running low on gas, so she pulled in to the nearest gas station.  It was the ludicrous price of $2.71 per gallon!  Well, being the frugal person that she was, and knowing Costco sells it for $.10 less a gallon, Ycats put in 3 gallons of gas and decided to fill up for realzies the next day.  Ydnim told her several times how dumb this was and that she should just fill up now.  Ycats said it would be fine and did a mental eye roll..

The next day Ycats got up and dropped her dog off at the groomers.  Then she went grocery shopping and to work, never stopping to get gas.  Ydnim said a few times that she should fill up. Each time Ycats said they would go to Costco and get it and that they would be fine.  On the way to High Tea at a fancy hotel downtown, Ydnim suggested again that they should stop for gas.  Ycats had HAD it!  She finally roared  politely said, "Let it go!  We'll be fine!  I get 24 miles to the gallon and I haven't gone 75 miles today!"  Ydnim could have let it go as requested, but instead she said "well I hope so because I'm not pushing your car on the freeway".  Ycats did an ACTUAL eye roll this time, AND checked her watch to see if it was Monday at 10:30 a.m. yet.

Tea was lovely.  Since neither of us, um, I mean the 2 girls, actually drink tea, they chose deliciously flavored hot cocoa.  Finger sandwiches, scones with lemon curd, delicious desserts...oh what a divine experience!

Tea was over and Ycats declared that they would get gas and then do some shopping.  Ydnim had not been to Salt Lake in 15 years and wanted to see all the changes that had taken place downtown.  The girls drove around for a bit and then headed straight to Costco.  Laugh Laugh Laugh, talk talk talk, fun fun fun.  She was just about to pull in to the Costco parking lot, when all of a sudden Ycats yelled "I'm running out of....." and then the car stalled!  With a sickening feeling of "oh crap, she's going to kill me", Ycats admitted to Ydnim that she had in fact run out of gas.  Ycats got out her trusty phone to call her sister, but wait, what's happening here?  Ydnim was getting out of the car, yelling "YOU SUCK" and then proceeded to try to push the car (which is really a SUV and quite heavy if you were to ask me, not that I'd know from first hand experience).  After calling Ycats a dumb a$$ and telling her that it might be easier to push the car if it were (was?) IN NEUTRAL, Ydnim was moving right along.  Ycats was trying to push and steer and not laugh and cry and poop her pants.   After SEVERAL chivalrous men drove past us, er...them, a lovely hispanic gentleman with gold teeth pulled over and helped push.

Ycats tried with all of her might to aide in the process, but being over weight, with a slight case of asthma and her unfortunate height of 5-foot 5, her little flinstone legs were having a hard time keeping up.  Finally, when at one point Ydnim and Mr. Golden Teeth picked up speed, Ycats did what she had to do to prevent from falling under the wheels and facing certain death...she jumped in the car and rode the rest of the way to the pumps.  (which I've been told, was QUITE a distance).

With the Chariots of Fire theme song playing in the background, and Ydnim and MGT pushing the last 10 yards with all their might, the little SUV glided in to the gas pump, with people cheering and clapping on the sidelines.  Ok,  not really.  But several were laughing and pointing.  Yeah, real funny guys!

Ycats got out of the car, apologizing profusely to Ydnim, who was quick to point out the price on the pump.  $2.69.  Gulp.  Uh, Sorry 'bout that, dude!  Fortunately for Ycats, Ydnim was quick to forgive and did NOT spend the rest of the weekend saying Told ya So, and repeating the story to everybody in ear shot...including the 2 old ladies at the fabric counter of the Mormon Handicraft.

Moral of the story?  Don't have your old friends from high school come visit when you are low on gas.

February 8, 2010

Look out blog, here I come!

It's been a few days since I've blogged.  Life has been busy and I've been super duper sick, plus had one of my bff's from high school AND my bff from college come in to town this weekend.  Woosh....time to breathe!

I am cooking up some fun are a couple of morsels to tempt you until I get my brain together.....

How I received 21 free Digornio Pizzas

My very first give away!!!
The Sunshine Blogger award that a fabulous new bloggy friend gave me
The Pay it Forward prize that I won
My love affair with Dairy....and why it is trying to kill me.
My 100th Post!

I am feeling so lucky lately that I think I am going to enter a contest to win a dream home in Hawaii.  Let me know if you know anyone sponsoring THAT type of give away!

And on an end note, did anyone else get a load of poor Gia's Stepbrother on the Bachelor tonight?  Check out the  caterpillars on that kid!

February 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Holy Moly!  I can't believe I've been given a 2nd blogger award!  When I write these silly little randoms I don't think that people really CARE about what I say!  I'm just happy to make even one person laugh throughout the course of a thanks!

This award was presented to me by the amazing and beautiful Robyn.  Please click on her name to be directed to her awesome blog.  She's got a gorgeous family that she documents through fabulous fotos!

The rule to this prize is that I have to bore you with tell 7 things about me.  And then pass the award on to 7 other women who's blogs are all better than mine, thereby losing most of my followers in the process.

So here's the dirt:
1.  I am becoming increasingly more OCD about germs that I cannot control. Ie: water fountains, movie theaters, the sacrament bread on Sunday (sorry,but it REALLY grosses me out when my piece is squishy and moist...who knows if that teenage boy washed his hands this week before he tore it).  My sister finds this fascinating since I don't seem to mind living in squallor, aka  my bedroom.
2.  I got perms from the time I was in 7th grade until I was 23.  Now I can't find a hairdresser that will perm my hair because they don't want to "ruin true beauty".
3.  I had to stop watching my favorite shows on the Animal Planet, like Animal Cops: Houston (or any other city) because the animals on the tv bothered my naughty chihuahua too much.
4. I have enrolled in 4 different colleges AND beauty school.  I  have subsequently dropped out of 4 different colleges AND beauty school.   Not something to brag about friends!
5.  I am contemplating enrolling in a 5th school and actually sticking to it this time.
6.  I find it odd that one of my favorite people is my friend named Cat...especially since I am a DOG person.
7.  I heard Sexy Back on the radio today and got as excited as I did the first time I heard it.  That song just does not get old!

I present this award to the following terrific ladies:
Jill at I Don't want an Oscar
Levon at Note to Self: Just Breathe
Jenilee at The Goodwin Family 
Momma at Triplets Plus Two Momma 
Leanna at Adventures of a Flower Mama
Jill at Jill's Real Life
Karen at A Peak at Karen's World

What?  That's 7 already??  But I have so many other blogs that I LOVE!!  Who made up this rule?  Maybe I'll make up  my own blog award one of these days.  Yeah, and maybe I'll go back to beauty school.