April 17, 2009

RIP dear friend

Today I mourn the loss of a dear friend.

When we met 2 years I had no idea that you would become such an integral part of my life.You've been with me through thick and thin..mostly thick. Through working out at the gym (twice I think?), superbowl games, poker nights, visits with our friends, and just relaxing at my house hanging out watching tv, you were always there at my beck and call. I noticed a few months ago that you seemed to be getting worn out. I should have known then that something was wrong and paid more attention to the signs.

It was 2 years ago on a Tuesday (ok, I don't really know what day it was) and I was feeling a bit blue at work. I decided to go to Mervyn's for a little retail therapy (and also because my pants were too tight). I felt this beacon of light drawing me to the athletic wear section. There you were, hanging on the rack all shiny and new. Well, not really shiny, but there in your navy blue glory with a cute green stripe up both legs. I took you in to the dressing and room and tried you on. A perfect fit! You were my new favorite lounge pants!

I spent the next two years snatching up cute green shirts and sweatshirts that would match you so I could be color coordinated. You didn't mind when I wore you 3, 4, 7, 11 days in a row...never complaining. You didn't protest when I got grass stains on you while fact you even tried your hardest to repel these stains and worked with the washing machine to remove them.

Then the other day, tragedy struck! I was working out at Curves, and my sister gasped in horror! "Stacy", she said, "you have giant holes in your pants"!!! What?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew right then that your battle had been lost and it was time to lay you to rest.
Yesterday at T.J. Maxx I found a new pair of lounge pants. They are black capris, with a white stripe on both legs. I do love them, but they will never take your place. RIP my little (ok, X-tra Large) friend!