August 4, 2010

Parlais Vous blah blah blah?

My sister called me a few months ago and asked what I thought about hosting a french person for a few weeks at our house.  We talked about it a little and decided to go for it.  Sis' school is starting a french immersion program and this girl will be the new french teacher.  I guess she's not really a girl...She's 28.  But seeing as I turned 82 at Raging Waters on Monday, she seems like a girl to me. 

Anyhoo....Frenchy is arriving this Friday.  (I've been calling her Frenchy for a while now for lack of a better name.  I mean I'm sure she has a better name, but I don't know what it is yet). I am nervous for several reasons.  First off, me no speaky the French-y.  The only line I know is from that song...and it's dirty. So I probably definitely won't say it while she's here.  Secondly, she doesn't like dogs.  You may or may not know this, but we have 3 of them.  And for someone who doesn't like dogs, 3 seems like a thousand. (Heck, for someone who DOES like dogs 3 seems like a thousand at times).  Hopefully we've found a place for Jag aka Mr. Naughty, and Dandie and I will be house/dog sitting for the first week for my friend.  This just leaves Mimi the Wonder Chihuahua at home with my sister and Frenchy.  And even non-dog lovers LOVE Mimi.  She's just a character and loves long as YOU are not a dog that is.

My only true interaction with French people are the ones that call or email me to say they want to rent a powerboat for one day at Lake Powell.  They all start their email with "We are French". Um, ok dude.  And one of them stalked me and threatened to sue me, so you can imagine how I feel about them.  And The Real World Paris.  (Remember when CT and Adam got in that fight in the street?  So intense!!)

So suffice it to say that my perception of the French Folk is not that great.  I am hoping this experience will change my mind on the French.  Because seriously, dudes speaking English with a french accident?  H.O.T!

We are trying to think of things to introduce her to American Culture.  Ever been to Utah?  Yeah, not your typical America.  So far we are taking her to the pool, the Farmers Market, Park City to ride the gondola and to eat at one of the best Mexican joints on the planet (Baja Cantina....mmmmm  I can taste the TJ Taxi now!).

And that's all we've got.



  1. You probably didn't know this about me, but my minor in college was French. At my high point I would sometimes dream in French, but now I can hardly string a sentence together. So please don't tell your house guest that I speak French because that would just embarrass me. After ten years of not speaking it all, I don't think that I CAN speak it at all.
    You should take her to temple square :)
    And I'm going to have to try that Mexican restaurant that you mentioned. Josh LOVES Mexican food. In fact, we should all go there together sometime.
    I can't wait to meet your houseguest!

  2. Temple square! It's really cool for tourists, even if they aren't LDS!

  3. Never understood people who don't love dogs!! I also have 3 :)

    Hope Mimi can change her mind

  4. Kennecott Copper Mine, Gilgal Garden (weird, but cool and free), camp fire up the canyon, Great Salt Lake, Red Butte Gardens...

    My friend had a French girl visit for a while...a group of us were listening to music and she wanted to dance...then she wanted to show us "what we call...a strip tease"--that dancing ended pretty quickly--although I think she only meant some sort of sexy dancing. It was interesting. That, and her deciding to jump on the bed in her underwear and a shirt (no bra) in front of all the guys--awkward...those were the days. lol

  5. Hey I love your blog!! I just stumbled up on it. I will be back for updates!! thanks for the posts.

  6. Ugh, I accidentally lived with a French exchange student for a year in college. It started off wonderfully - she made us crepes with nutella every night and they were Delicious.

    Then we introduced her to the bus system. And pizza. Needless to say, she got fat. And bitchy. Which may or may not have been a direct result of her being fat. Or French.

    Either way, we ended the year happily pretending the other didn't exist. Which is a talent when living in a room so tiny you could kick the other person in their sleep across the room. Not that i ever did that...

  7. Good lunch with Frenchy. If she doesn't speak the English, just take her to the Golden Corral and spread your arms like Ms. America - that's what we did with the ex potential russian bride sister in law!


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