March 8, 2011

Things you don't expect to hear

I have had many strange conversations over the past couple of weeks.  Some have been fantastically strange in a hysterical, "Oh my gosh, did you JUST say that?!!!" kind of way.  Others have been so terrifyingly sadly strange in a hushed "Oh my gosh, did you just say that?" kind of way.

It's interesting to stand back and look at the lives of those around us and see both the struggles and triumphs that happen to ourselves, our friends and our acquaintances.

Here is a sampling of actual things that people have said to me recently:

"I am finally pregnant!!! (from 2 different friends that have both been trying for several months!)
"My husband has colon cancer"
"Would you think it was weird if you were getting a massage and your massage therapist took her shirt off?"
"I don't know why I don't just slit my wrists and end it all now"
"All I wanna do is a zooma zoom zoom and a boom boom"
"Funeral services for my sister will be held at...."
"Oh you're having a hysterectomy?!  I had one in'll LOVE it!" (she really was serious)
"My co-worker said her house burned down.  And then it burned down again a week later"

And my favorite....

Me to a lady at church in a cast: "What happened?!  Did your husband throw you down the stairs?"
Her response:  "Oh, I was bit by a camel"



  1. I really like this idea... to look at what people say during a week & take note of it. Make us more aware in a conversation - right?

    That's encouraging that the one lady was so happy about a hysterctomy! FYI - my co workers had one & she said the same thing

    How does someone have that bad of luck that your home burns TWICE?!?!?!

    Colon cancer & funerals... just sad :(

    Never know what a week holds...


    Ummmmm bit by a camel? REally? REALLY?

  3. A camel? I made up some pretty sweet stories when I got a black eye in high school, but nothing THAT good!

  4. I'm so totally doing this. I don't come into contact with too many people, but I should definitely start writing some of it down. Having had a family member commit suicide, I hate it when people talk so flippantly about doing such things. Some people!

  5. Who was bit by a camel??? I'm guessing who it might have been (the family that owns a farm with camels maybe . . . just a wild gues :) ).
    Love this post!

  6. Yes, Mary, you know who it was! She really WAS bit by a camel!! The craziness just continues. :)


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