February 9, 2011

My (un)Glamorous Life

Today I walked in to the break room and 2 of my friends were talking about how they've had it with the rich snooty people in their lives.   The conversation then went a little something like this:

Her:  Sure, I've dated a millionaire, or 5 or 10.  They aren't anything special and I never fell in love with them
Me:  Um...I've never dated a millionaire.
Her (incredulously):  YOU HAVEN'T????!!!
Her:  What?!  Well come hang out with me for one night and see how things change.
Me:  I'm pretty sure nothing would change.

I should mention that this girl is gorgeous and has gorgeous friends.  Important friends.  Celebrity friends.  Yeah, thanks but I think I'll sit this one out.  I'd be like the little troll in the bunch.  I am pretty darn sure my self esteem could not take a blow like that.


  1. Whatev...

    what would really happen is you would go, make some boring old millionaire fall in love with you, and then have to worry about 'letting him down easy' when he starts sending you expensive gifts to try and win you over! Lol!

  2. I'm dying that they were concerned you hadn't dated a millionaire. Like that is something everyone has done. Crazy. I only know one of them...and he is OLD...and a relative, lol. What kind of girls actually date millionaires? Am I the only one picturing a group of Anna Nicole's ?

  3. I can't say I've dated a millionaire or known anyone who has either. Don't feel too bad... ;)

  4. I've never even KNOWN a millionaire...

    You must snap a picture of this chic.. I'm dying to see if she's a Kardasian!!!

  5. Ummm... when I was dating, there sure weren't any millionaire's hanging out anywhere I was!Please...

  6. Thanks glad to know it's not just me!!

  7. I'm pretty sure the millionaires were not standing in line to date me. Do you they would judge us for our Target clothes? I think my Mossimo t-shirt would be intimidated by their expensive attire. :)

  8. Too funny. Perhaps you could go for a free night out.



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