February 11, 2010

Told ya so!

Once upon a time there was a girl named "Ycats".  She didn't like to be told what to do and was a bit of a know it all (even though she was still awesomely fun..and beautiful).  She also liked to fancy herself as frugal at times.

One particular Friday her friend from high-school "Ydnim" came in to town to visit for the weekend.  That night as they were driving around (after seeing a ridiculously horrible movie "From Paris with Love") Ycats realized she was running low on gas, so she pulled in to the nearest gas station.  It was the ludicrous price of $2.71 per gallon!  Well, being the frugal person that she was, and knowing Costco sells it for $.10 less a gallon, Ycats put in 3 gallons of gas and decided to fill up for realzies the next day.  Ydnim told her several times how dumb this was and that she should just fill up now.  Ycats said it would be fine and did a mental eye roll..

The next day Ycats got up and dropped her dog off at the groomers.  Then she went grocery shopping and to work, never stopping to get gas.  Ydnim said a few times that she should fill up. Each time Ycats said they would go to Costco and get it and that they would be fine.  On the way to High Tea at a fancy hotel downtown, Ydnim suggested again that they should stop for gas.  Ycats had HAD it!  She finally roared  politely said, "Let it go!  We'll be fine!  I get 24 miles to the gallon and I haven't gone 75 miles today!"  Ydnim could have let it go as requested, but instead she said "well I hope so because I'm not pushing your car on the freeway".  Ycats did an ACTUAL eye roll this time, AND checked her watch to see if it was Monday at 10:30 a.m. yet.

Tea was lovely.  Since neither of us, um, I mean the 2 girls, actually drink tea, they chose deliciously flavored hot cocoa.  Finger sandwiches, scones with lemon curd, delicious desserts...oh what a divine experience!

Tea was over and Ycats declared that they would get gas and then do some shopping.  Ydnim had not been to Salt Lake in 15 years and wanted to see all the changes that had taken place downtown.  The girls drove around for a bit and then headed straight to Costco.  Laugh Laugh Laugh, talk talk talk, fun fun fun.  She was just about to pull in to the Costco parking lot, when all of a sudden Ycats yelled "I'm running out of....." and then the car stalled!  With a sickening feeling of "oh crap, she's going to kill me", Ycats admitted to Ydnim that she had in fact run out of gas.  Ycats got out her trusty phone to call her sister, but wait, what's happening here?  Ydnim was getting out of the car, yelling "YOU SUCK" and then proceeded to try to push the car (which is really a SUV and quite heavy if you were to ask me, not that I'd know from first hand experience).  After calling Ycats a dumb a$$ and telling her that it might be easier to push the car if it were (was?) IN NEUTRAL, Ydnim was moving right along.  Ycats was trying to push and steer and not laugh and cry and poop her pants.   After SEVERAL chivalrous men drove past us, er...them, a lovely hispanic gentleman with gold teeth pulled over and helped push.

Ycats tried with all of her might to aide in the process, but being over weight, with a slight case of asthma and her unfortunate height of 5-foot 5, her little flinstone legs were having a hard time keeping up.  Finally, when at one point Ydnim and Mr. Golden Teeth picked up speed, Ycats did what she had to do to prevent from falling under the wheels and facing certain death...she jumped in the car and rode the rest of the way to the pumps.  (which I've been told, was QUITE a distance).

With the Chariots of Fire theme song playing in the background, and Ydnim and MGT pushing the last 10 yards with all their might, the little SUV glided in to the gas pump, with people cheering and clapping on the sidelines.  Ok,  not really.  But several were laughing and pointing.  Yeah, real funny guys!

Ycats got out of the car, apologizing profusely to Ydnim, who was quick to point out the price on the pump.  $2.69.  Gulp.  Uh, Sorry 'bout that, dude!  Fortunately for Ycats, Ydnim was quick to forgive and did NOT spend the rest of the weekend saying Told ya So, and repeating the story to everybody in ear shot...including the 2 old ladies at the fabric counter of the Mormon Handicraft.

Moral of the story?  Don't have your old friends from high school come visit when you are low on gas.


  1. I so wish I could have been there to see that! Hilarious!

  2. shouldn't MGT have been TGM, in keeping with the whole secret agenty feel of the story. Mit

  3. WHAT?? You cracked my code MIt? You are SO correct. But isn't your name really Yenoh?

  4. You are hilarious! I've never run out of a gas, but once I did use tithing money on a Sunday on our way to church...the next day my battery died, lol! Loving your moral, hilarious!

  5. Yxof laughed the whole way through the retelling of the story. If it were me, I can't promise I would have pushed OR been as forgiving. Well, probably so, but you may have heard "told ya so" a time or too. ;)

  6. I'd tell you that, yes, Ycats can call me 'yenoh', and has in the past, however, then my cover would jeopardized.

  7. haha, you're so funny. I'm new to your blog, and also a new follower :) That is awesome you live in Utah, I love meeting new moms that live close to me.

  8. That was too funny Stacy.
    Though I know it well how it must have felt to run out of gas just when you were about to be proved right.

    NO worries, though learned it the hard way, but lesson finally learned :D

    Loved the moral of the story.

    Keep up the good work Stacy :)


  9. That is a funny story for sure! I love how your blog is all decked out for Valentines Day this weekend. Hope you have a magnificent one : )

  10. Oh how I love you! I would have shelled out the cash for gas & I would have sold my soul so someone else would push us. :)

  11. stopping by from SITS - glad you are able to laugh about it!

  12. So glad that I wasn't the friend who was visiting...I do not push cars. Ok..I still wish I was visiting. Ylime

  13. While I can honestly say I've never run out of gas, I have come perilously close more times than I care to admit. This is a good reminder to just fill up when I'm already at the gas station!


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