November 4, 2008

Today as I was painting my fingernails a really REALLY dark red, which looks black, I realized that perhaps I am too old to pull that off. Which led me to wonder what else am I too old to do? Here's what I came up with:

1. Wear black looking fingernail polish (the fact that I borrowed it from my 22 year old roommate should have been my first clue).
2. Wear my hair in a pony tail every day (I try to only do it 2x a week now)
3. Not Vote. On the radio today they were looking for the oldest person who voted for the first time today. The response (though I suspect it was a joke) was an 84 year man named Joel. Now granted, this is only the 2nd election I've ever voted at, but come on people....if you don't vote, you have no right to complain!
4. Sleep in til 8:30 on a work day. (according to my sister anyway...I see no problem with it).
5. Change diapers. No explanation needed
6. Listen to rap hurts my ears truly! (when did I turn in to my grandmother)?
7. Say "That's just how I roll". (I think I can pull this off, but according to my friend Cat, I am too old, and too white. She's only 24...what does she know? She doesn't even vote!!)

Things I hope I am NEVER too old to do:
1. Eat brownies for breakfast and cereal for dinner
2. Work in my garden
3. Be a friend to all. I DO NOT want to be a crabby old lady!
4. Enjoy a good dirty joke


  1. Ha! If you can't eat brownies for breakfast and enjoy a good dirty joke, then you're not living.

  2. You can't pull it off... I've heard it :) I'm not sure if you could pull of "Girlfriend" either. ha And you're never too old for a dirty joke... especially as long as you're my friend. :) heehee And last, but not least... I'm jealous that you get to sleep till 8:30... Jen doesn't know what she's talking about. :)


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