November 19, 2008

Lazy Saturdays? A thing of the past ever since my sister and I became home owners. (ok, so she owns the home, I just mooch off of her). This past Saturday I spent 4 hours raking up leaves in my backyard. All from my neighbors trees....yeah, I am very happy about that. When my sister and I moved in to our house, we were so excited that our neighbors had fruit trees that stretched over our fence....Apple+plum+apricot+grape vines = fun, right? WRONG! The apricot tree is so tall that most of the fruit cannot be they fall all over our yard. The plum tree is a little better, however fruit falls off before it is ripe. Our yard is littered with nasty rotting fruit...and it is a fruitless (ha ha..pun intended) task trying to keep Mimi from eating the pits.

Anyway...back to my point. Jen came home and helped me about 1/2 way through the miserable task of bagging up all of the leaves. Here is the end result. (There are 10 bags total):
While we busted our humps cleaning up the yard, this is what our dogs were doing:
Razzy is our new foster dog. She is an adorable Cocker Spaniel that was turned in to a shelter in California due to numerous health problems. Yesterday Razzy had several mammary tumors removed, and soon she will have her back knees operated on. She is a sweet natured dog...except when Mimi goes after her..then watch out! Dandie of course is oblivious to her existance. Once her surgeries are over the hope is that she is adopted quickly and goes to a loving family....let me know if anyone is interested!!

So after our day of strenuous work, I complained the rest of the day and loafed on the couch while giving my sore muscles a much needed break! More to come about our crazy doggies.....


  1. I like the shots of the lazy doggies. Mimi is my favorite, but of course you know that.

  2. Lol... it kind of looks like you have Mimi cornered. :) But Razzy is a cutie. And of course Dandie is just adorable!


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