December 7, 2009

Little Miss Look at my Butt

My sister and I foster dogs for a no kill agency in Utah called Utah Animal Advocay Foundation.  This weekend we got a new dog named Teva.  She is gorgeous.  We're not sure what she is, but she's around 8 lbs and cuddles up like a little doll.

I had to go to the County Animal Shelter to pick her up. That place is so sad.  So many poor dogs waiting to be adopted, and so many of them run out of time.  Teva's last day was Saturday.  I'm so glad we were able to save her.

One of the downsides to getting a dog from an animal shelter is that they are often very dirty and covered in poo.  Teva was no exception to this rule.  Typically we don't bathe them until day 2 so as to reduce the stress of the first day.  I am no doggy washing pro, so I usually strip down to my unders and put on an apron because I often end up as wet as the dog. Since Teva was new and I wasn't sure how she would handle a bath (turns out not very well!) I asked my sister to help me wash her. I was able to stay mostly dry.

After bathing her I took her downstairs to blow her dry (which she hated) and then got on the computer for the first time all weekend.  As I headed back upstairs, with my sister right behind me, I realized with dismay that I hadn't gotten dressed and was still wearing just an apron and my undies.  How embarrassing!  I felt like that line from Heart and Souls about "Little Miss Look at my Butt".  As I went upstairs I turned off all the lights....or so I thought.  I went to the close the blinds to the sliding glass door and accidentally turned the light on to my back porch....and gave my neighbors a show...of me.. in my underwear and my watermelon apron.  I hope they will recover from the grotesque site quickly.


  1. Ha ha! I totally walk around in my undies and it's so embarrassing when I don't realize the blinds are open!

  2. Oh how funny! I can totally see myself doing the exact same thing!

    That's wonderful that you're able to foster needy animals. Since I'm in a rental house, I can't. My heart just BREAKS for those poor babies.

  3. Oh how I love you & this visual makes me laugh so. XOXO


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