December 28, 2009

A day of wonderment and delight

My Christmas vacation is almost over.  One more day in the land of sun and warmth (if you consider 53 degrees warm).  Some highlights of my trip so far...

1. Reading the story of the Savior's birth on Christmas Morning before the opening of gifts.  A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.
2. My dad telling my sister and I how proud he is of the women we've become.
3. My plethora of gifts..including...drum roll...THE PERFECT BROWNIE PAN!!!  My sister rocks.
4. Jen, Mom and I playing Rummikub and laughing til we cried.  Then making a joke that Grandpa always used to make about being tired and needing to go to bed.  Then bursting in to tears and crying until we laughed.
5. Cookies.  Aunt Lani's delicious chocolate cake. Garlic smashed potatoes made in my brand new pressure cooker.  Dad's stuffing.  Cheesy grits.  Omelets at Dean's Cafe tomorrow morning.
6. Sleeping in til 10:00 every day....and even later on some days!
7. Princess Bride. Cheesey Christmas movies.  The Librarian 3. Hours of movie watching on the big screen tv and cuddly blankets.
8. Matching Christmas Jammies for Jen, mom and me.
9. Mom rubbing my arm and tickling my back.  She is the best back tickler in all the land.
10.  The feelings of love and comfort while being back home with those that love me best.


  1. Aren't those things the best? I just loved reading your list! My mom still tucks me in when I'm at her house. :)

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas vacation. I am jealous! I don't remember the last time I slept in past 7:45! I really wanted to today, and even thought that maybe I would put a movie on for the kids and go back to bed for a while - but then they had the nerve to say that they were hungry and ask me to make them breakfast, so my plan was foiled. :) Anyway, it sounds like you have a very close family and I am glad that you had such a nice Christmas!

  3. Well that sounds like the best Christmas vacation ever. I AM in the market for a new brownie pan...I wonder what qualifies as "the best"??

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I have so many fond memories of times spent with my family, although we have fewer and fewer opportunities to spend time together, I can also access the memories I carry in my heart.
    (I didn't mean for this to sound so corny.)

  5. I thought I was the only person living in Utah who likes Cheese grits. So yummy.


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