December 17, 2009

Amy Grant - Boo Hiss

I have a confession.  I hope I do not lose friends over this.  I despise have a strong dislike for Amy Grant.  I really don't think of her all that often...except at Christmas time.  Because I love her song Emmanuel.  And Tennessee Christmas.  And that whole stinkin' album of hers.

But I can't listen to it anymore.  I am a woman of principles.  Once I decide someone is dead to me to dislike someone intensely it takes more than a chipper Christmas song or some sappy ABC tv special to get back in to my good graces.

Here's the thing.  I am not a preachy kind of gal.  I love all people of all races, religions and creeds. (truth be told I don't really know what a creed is, other than that rock band that my sister intensely despises as well).  I was raised to never judge and have had friends and family from all walks of life.  But I am proud to be LDS, a mormon, even with all of our crazy ways.  And Amy Grant has spoken many times against the mormons and how we are abominations in the sight of God.  And then she stole Vince Gill from his wife.

So yes Amy Grant, you have a lovely voice.  And maybe you have a lovely heart and personality as well.  But I don't see it.  And I forgive you....I just won't buy any more of your albums.


  1. Hey! Thanks for coming by. I'm the same way and one I decided something it's forever, but I have to tell you, she's a really nice nice lady. I worked with her and she really seems sincere...even if she is a homewrecker. :)

    I don't agree with any of her comments by the way

  2. Thanks for stopping by my lil blog. I love the sistathood!! I didn't know Amy was a stickin' home wrecker!!!

  3. Hahaha I just HAD to read your blog just because you said "boo hiss" in your title. Im stalking you from SITS, and now Im a follower!

  4. Well now I feel badly for outing Amy as a homewrecker. I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a lovely person and that their marriages had already crumbled before the new relationship began. Even if it is a pile of rubbish. :)

  5. This is very much the way I feel about Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood. I used to love them both individually until they did a concert together in Lexington and as they looked lovingly into each other's eyes...I remember turning to my friend and saying "they're sleeping together"..and lo, and behold. That was the end of Garth and Tricia for me. And I've been over Amy for a LONG time. Welcome to the club. :)
    And I dated a mormon once. As a southern baptist, it was all very confusing for me...but now I'm episcopalian/ who's to judge, really?

  6. By the way, this little Christmas countdown widget of yours is REALLY stressing me out...I'm just sayin'....

  7. Anyone that participates in adultery (either side) is forever banished in my mind. James Cameron has that new movie coming out, I refuse to see ANYTHING by him because I once heard he cheated on his wife with Linda Hamilton, or something like that. "Religious" people that commit adultery crack me up. I've never been baptized but you can bet your butter that I will NEVER commit adultery.

  8. I didn't know any of that about her! Just that I do like her Christmas album- love My Grown-Up Christmas List.

  9. I use to love Amy Grant, but not so much anymore. As much as I love some of her music... Breath of Heaven being my fav on her Christmas Album which I do still love...

    However Michael W. Smith's Kentucky Rose makes me cry every time... well and Friends.. but whatever.....

    Way to stick to your convictions!! (Stopping by from SITS)

  10. She's a skank? Seriously, I didn't know. I don't pay too much attention to what these stars say or their personal lives. Maybe I should! Save my money and spend it on someone more worthwhile...


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