March 30, 2010

Some people should not be allowed on the phone

I'm not usually one to post twice in one day...especially when I've been AWOL in the blog world the past couple of weeks.   However I could not pass up sharing this amazing conversation I had today on the phone with a client.  Let me set the stage for you...I'm sitting at my desk, painting my nails a nice springy pink. (What?!  I'm still thinking springy thoughts!)  

My phone rings, I politely answer:

Me:   This is Stacy, how can I help you.
Him:  Yeah, I see your area code is 801.  Does that mean you are in Salt Lake?
Me:   Yes, that's right.
Him:  Well what is this call regarding?
Me:    I'm sorry?
Him:   What are you calling me for?  What is this call in regards to?
Me:    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. You called me.
Him:   No I didn't.
Me:    Yes, you did.
Him:   No, I didn't.
Me:    Well sir, I'm sitting at my desk, my phone rang, I answered it and there you were.
Him:   Hold on.  
(I hear mumbling in the background)
Him:    I guess my son called you back. Someone from your company called and he hit the return from caller ID.  What is this call regarding?
Me:    Well, we are a houseboat company.  Did you call us about a houseboat trip?
Him:    Oh yeah, that's right.  I did.
Unfortunately the call did not get much better once we got that all straightened out.

Is it October yet?


  1. Oh my goodness. People are crazy. That happened to me last week too - strange.

  2. I remember all too well conversations with retarded customers when I worked in insurance...sooo many memories! LOL

  3. Can I just say I TOTALLY KNOW HOW THAT FEELS. It would take ALL of my energy and nice thoughts in my brain not to reach through the phone and kill those people.

    Sorry about the snow. It's lovely here. It was like 75 last week. I wore flip flops. come visit? miss you.

  4. Oh dear, I don't miss this. But I appreciate you making me laugh about it! :)

  5. Visiting from SITS ;-) It makes me crazy when people use their caller ID to grill people who have called them. Dude...if I really needed to talk to you, I'd have left you a message!

  6. The single worst thing to me about working in an office is dealing with the phones. Some people are just, well, you know.


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