May 25, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday


  1. I may or may not be drooling over the thought of pretzel M&M's. ... Yup, I am. I have to get me some of those!!

  2. Oh man you are so much like me it cracks me up! I am appalled I have not heard of or tried either of these M&M's! Guess I'd better stay away from the grocery store, ha!

  3. I saw the pretzel M&Ms at the store last week, but my hubby made me put them back. Meanie. Oh well, I'll just buy 2 bags later! & must remember to find the coconut ones too...

  4. Pretzel M&Ms???? Oh my, I must find those!!!

    Stopping by from SITS, sorry I missed your SITS day, hope it was fabulous!!!!



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