July 15, 2010

I probably don't have Alzheimers...

But is 37 too young for early onset?

Yesterday I left the house 20 minutes early so that I could drop Jag the cookoo cocker off at the groomers and doggy day care.  Put him in the car and we drove merrily on our way.  We talked a little on the way.  Ok, I talked, he pretended to listen.  Typical male.

Driving on autopilot as I often do I was about 5 minutes away from work when I looked at the clock and was so pleased to see that I was 15 minutes early!  That is until I looked at the passenger seat and realized the dang dog was still there.   Yep!  I forgot to drop him off.  Needless to say I was 15 minutes late after that.

But don't  worry, it runs in my family.

My sister loves to talk on her cell phone on speaker.  It drives the entire world crazy because you can't ever hear a word that she says.  Yesterday she was talking on the phone to her boss and walking around the house when she heard her boss say "I can't hear you".  Sis thought that was so weird...until she looked down at her hand and realized she was talking in to a piece of paper.  Her phone was about a block away on the kitchen counter.

Did I mention BOTH of my grandmothers had Alzheimers?  I'm sure it's not hereditary.  Oh wait.  It is.  We're toast!


  1. Girl, you better start doing the crossword puzzles now to sharpen that brain!!! Crack me up!

  2. I do the autopilot drive thing all of the time. Just yesterday in fact, I was supposed to be taking my kids to swimming lessons, which was one way, but instead headed the opposite direction - the way to my parents house. I better start doing those crossword puzzles with you (I hear eating blueberries helps too!) My Grandpa also died of Alzheimer's. What a sad disease :(

  3. Really, no, as my Mom has early onset dementia but you don't have it. I freak out when I forget something, at 36, that I am like Mom, who at 61 has had it for 10 years. :(

    It is a very sad disease.

  4. Both my great grandma's had alzheimers too! Ah well, I'd rather lose my brain and drive everyone else crazy than lose my physical capacities but still have my brain and feel useless!

  5. Been there, done that. And I feel your pain, sister!


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