October 26, 2010

The Great Cake Debate

Friday we are having our annual Halloween Potluck at work.  I signed up for dessert because, well, that's my favorite food group.  I am thinking about making this:

 Isn't he cute? 

Unfortunately my decision has sparked the instant message Great Cake Debate of 2010 between myself and my friend Cat.

Cat:  He looks so sad
Me:  Well he's about to get eaten. You'd look sad too
Cat:  Lol. But he doesn't know that he's gonna get eaten
Me:  He must suspect. He's made from cupcakes and frosting
Cat:  Do you think he realizes that though? :)

I decided she was probably right and will make a Score Trifle instead.

I love you Kitty Cat!


  1. Oh my my...laughing so hard right now!!!! Hilarious and so true. So true.

  2. If you haven't already you must check out the cakewrecks blog. There is ongoing disdain for CCC (cupcake cakes). Hope the party was a blast. Happy Halloween


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