October 8, 2008

Last night's silliness

Ok, so I called him last night, but he didn't answer. I'll try again today!

On a different note, last night I got home, talked to my dad on the phone and took the dogs for a walk. My sister, who so kindly makes dinner for us every night, got home late. She was a little perturbed that I didn't make anything. So I did what I always do when it's my turn to cook...I suggested we go out for burgers!

Just as we were walking out the door, my primary president came over to chat withe me for a little bit. Oh yeah, I'm the first Counselor..LOVE IT! I think it's a trade off for not having any kids. Anyway, I mentioned that we were going to get burgers and she suggested a pub down the street that has amazing burgers. She said "The food is great! There will probably be some people drinking beers, but you will love the burgers". So being 1. Starving 2. Women of the world and not afraid of people drinking beer and 3. Too lazy to cook, Jen (my sis) and I headed out to get this amazing burger.

We pull up to the place and the windows are all foggy and there are 10 people standing outside smoking. First sign! We walk in and there's a pool table and a karaoke machine. Second Sign! Then there is a HUGE bar with some strange people sitting at it, and some random tables with men in camo gear and a woman missing every other tooth. Third Sign! We weren't sure what to do....sit down and make the best of it, or run from the building screaming with our integrity in tact! Well, being #2 from above, we decided to tough it out. The food was delicious...we split a "West Valley" Burger (bbq sauce, bacon, all the fixins, plus an onion ring....yum!) and an order of garlic cajun fries (Heaven!), and got out of there pretty quickly. On the plus side...the bar tender/waiter dude was hot!


What's up little pup?