November 16, 2009

The ultra sound results are in.  It's a....Drum Roll please.......bouncing baby gall stone!  Well, in truth it's a large gall stone measuring 1.5 cm.  And the prognosis is.......that dude's gotta come out.  I have a surgical consult on Wednesday to find out more details but my dr said that I really should have the gall bladder removed.

I feel petrified nervous at the prospect of surgery and pain, but relief at the prospect of my stomach problems being cured.   Let's all cross our fingers that this is the cause of everything and that I can start eating chocolate feeling better quickly.


  1. Are we throwing you a gallstones shower? Count me in, I'll bring the Oreos!

  2. Robert wants to have an Irish wake at the office. I think he's just looking for an excuse for the company to provide beer. :)

    MMMMM....oreos. I wonder if I'll be able to eat those now without getting sick? Though I'm still thinking I should give up chocolate. :(

  3. Yikes! I'm sorry to hear you've had issues, but glad to hear you've figured it out.

  4. I had a bad gall bladder for 10 years. Because nothing showed up on the ultra sound and the doctors didn’t think a 15 year old could have gall bladder problems. When they finally took it out last year the doctors said they had never seen a gall bladder like mine. It was so bad that the organ had fused its self to my ribcage and nearby organs with scar tissue from my body trying to repair it.

    But I feel like a teenager again with energy and strength I haven’t had in 10 years.

    Visiting from SITS


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