December 4, 2008

Ok, so I have a confession. I ate 4 1/2 donuts on Tuesday at work. What you can't read that? FINE! I ate 4 1/2 donuts on Tuesday at work! Now it's out in the open. You all know my secret. I am a donut hog.

I just couldn't resist. The first one was a plain with chocolate glaze and Christmas sprinkles. As festive as this sounds, it wasn't really that good. So I couldn't end on a bad note. My 2nd donut was a know...cream filled with chocolate glaze. Oh my goodness it was heavenly. This ended my craving and I knew i could make it the rest of the day without another one.

But then for some strange reason, the box was left in my office, right behind my desk...tempting me with their chocolatey deliciousness. So around 3:30 I had a chocolate bar. I'm not sure where chocolate bars have been all my life, but this was perhaps donut perfection. It had a plain glaze, and THEN a chocolate glaze on top of that! Yummmmmmmmm! Then at 5 Micci left to go home. She came in and ate a 1/2 of a maple bar. ( I was really impressed with her will power to only eat 1/2. You have to know that Micci is obsessed with maple bars. She dreams about them at night. I'm thinking she might even love them more than her husband, and she really loves him ALLOT!). Naturally after she left, I ate the other 1/2. It too was wonderful.

Wait, if I did my math correctly, that means I only ate 3 1/2 donuts! Woo Hoo! While I know this is nothing to be proud of, I now feel like I can take the scarlet letter off my chest (duh...that would be a D for donut) and not be shunned from society! Oh happy day!!


  1. You're a bad bad girl! You could have saved one for me you know! :)

  2. You are a nut...I wish I had donut's brought to me at work. My co-workers suck!!!


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