December 10, 2008

Stupid Socks

I hate socks. They make my feet feel dry and confined. I am a toe wiggler. Socks makes it difficult to do so, especially in shoes. Why can't I wear flip flops all year long? Yes, they make my back hurt, but they are so comfy!

I try to trick myself in to liking socks by buying cute ones. Stripes, flowers, polka dots (though no crazy halloween socks or those things that are like gloves that you put each toe in it's own space...GROSS!). Today I am wearing some very cute and soft yellow socks with tan, blue and white stripes. You would think the socks would want to do their job...keep my feet warm and dry. But no! They are revolting...perhaps going on strike? Wanting for a better job than to protect my smelly tootsies?

My cute yellow socks are actually rejecting my feet. The reason that I know this is because they are trying to escape. When I put them on this morning they seemed calm and relaxed. Eager to please. Comforting even. However, as I walked to my office, the plan was executed. The socks immediately began creeping down my ankles, to my heels, and then to the middle of my foot! I think they knew that my shoes were not in on the plan, because there they stayed. In the middle of my foot, hiding beneath my arch, like little cottony cowards.

So I gave them some reprieve. I took my shoes off and am now working in just my sock feet. But soon I'm going to have to go to the bathroom, and sadly it will all begin again.


  1. You need knee socks. They stay up, no escaping. I promise you'll never go back.

  2. This is why I love you, because you are hilarious & I hate socks too. My personal favorite are the ones that Judi brought me back from Spain that say Spermato with a squiggly thing on them... I assume it's to make me reproduce, but we know she's wrong. :)


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