February 15, 2009

I love to make lists. (My favorite one is the grocery list, and then without fail I leave it at home when I go to the grocery store). Consequently my blog often tends to be of a "listy" nature. Today's list is on how I know I'm old.

1. I have recently begun sprouting blond hair on my chin.
2. My favorite place to shop is Wal-Mart
3. While I was shopping at Wal-Mart last night, I passed the electronics section and I actually said the words "Does that music HAVE to be SO LOUD"?!!
4. I can no longer watch the Real World/Road Rules challenge...I can't stand all of the fighting and the drunken escapades.
5. My friends at work were talking the other day about how they remembered the internet coming out in jr. high! I, on the other hand, did not get my first email account until I was 22.
6. I am lost when it comes to new technology. I often have to ask my co-workers to help me with facebook/my blog/iTunes radio, etc.
7. Some times I drive home and realize about 15 minutes in to the ride that I do not have the radio on. Other times I put the radio on the KSL news channel to hear the traffic and then I realize 20 minutes later that I am still listening to the news. And enjoying it!
8. I actively search for ways to incorporate more fiber in to my diet.
9. I do not understand the appeal of boys wearing girls jeans and belting them around their knees with their entire boxer shorted rear ends hanging out.
10. I had to call my friend the other day to ask how long to allow a baby to cry in his crib before I went and picked him back up.
11. I have no idea who the new young celebrities are on the red carpet and in the magazines.
12. I remember when Brad Pitt was hot.

I have many many more things that could go on this list, but I've worn myself out typing and now must go take a nap. Ooooh...that leads me to #13!

13. I have recently begun taking naps on the floor in my office in order to make it through the day.


  1. Anyone who has a Timberland song on their playlist is not old. I love your list and I think that taking a nap at work should be a national habit. I'm all for introducing HB439 Siesta Kastanza Style at work.


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