June 18, 2009

My grandpa died a few weeks ago. This was really hard for the family for the obvious reasons, but also because that left just my mom to take care of my grandma who has early end stage Alzheimers. Since Jen is off for the summer, dad asked if she would come to CA to help mom out with the day to day care of Grandma.

Often times the day is difficult and sad because my Grandma is very confused and sad about the loss of her spouse of 60 years. But sometimes there are funny stories that come out of it. Here is one that my sister told me today through instant message: (let me preface this story by telling you that Grandma thinks she has to go to the bathroom every 12 minutes or so, and then lots of times she cant' remember what to do when she sits down. For this reason, plus the fact that she can barely walk, usually either my mom or Jen has to go with her and help out).

"This morning Grandma went to the bathroom so I followed her. When I lifted up her nightgown she didn't have any UNDERWEAR ON!!! I asked mom about it and she started cracking up. Apparently Grandma went to the bathroom earlier and when she came back into the room she said to mom, "something is wrong with my ankles"...wait for it.....

She was walking with her underwear around them! "

The other day she was merrily walking around with her underwear around her thighs.

There is absolutely no dignity in getting old!

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  1. I miss Jen. What a good daughter/granddaughter.


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