December 28, 2010

We don't need no stinkin' locksmith

This past weekend my sister and I were lucky enough to go visit our parents for Christmas. On Christmas Eve We were able to visit with cousins we hadn't seen since 2009 (aka the summer of death) and had a great time catching up. My cousin brought her 4 year old daughter who regaled us with hours of endless entertainment. I was reminded of just exactly how magical Christmas is in the eyes of a little one. The weekend was fabulous...We were spoiled rotten with great gifts and amazing food and tons and tons of love.

I have limited (read: zero) vacation time left so I was forced to come home after just a couple of days. My sister was lucky enough to stay a few days longer. As I was packing to go home, I transferred the stuff from my purse in to my new purse that my sister had given me for Christmas. After checking to see that my flight was on time, my family dropped me off at the airport.

Of course by the time I walked up to my departing gate, my flight was delayed. By almost 2 hours. Crap. I had forgotten my cell phone at home and had also insisted to my sister that I did not need the 2nd iPod. So here I was...stranded at the airport with nothing to entertain me and no way to reach everyone to let them know.

I sat. And sat. And tried to sleep. And sat. And eavesdropped. And watched a little football. And died of boredom. And sat some more.  FINALLY it was time to go.  I rushed off to the bathroom, and realized I left my keys in my old purse at my parents house.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!  DOUBLE CRAP!  Now what.  I borrowed a good semaritan's cell phone and called my sister to let her know.

Lucky for me I now had a 2 hours plane ride to worry. And fret.  And stew.  And surprisingly not swear about it.  And then, like a glorious light bulb in my head, DING!  I remembered I had forgotten to lock my bathroom window.

My friend Amy was waiting to take me home and had heard the story from my sister.  I informed her that we were going to try to break in!  She laughed hysterically.  I suggested maybe we'd have my neighbor's kid crawl in the window for us.  Did I mention it was dark? And 20 degrees?  And it was really foggy and had just snowed?

When we got to my house, my neighbor let us borrow a flashlight and a ladder.  And her husband, Josh.  Who has saved me from more than one embarrassing predicament in my lifetime.

We (he) tried the kitchen window.  Locked.  Dang.  Then we tried the bathroom window.  OPEN!  YAY!  Did I mention that this window is tiny?  And I am not?  And neither is Josh?  Triple Crap.  I suggested he go get his 7 year son and he just laughed.  And laughed. And laughed.  hmmm....

5 foot Amy stepped up to the plate.  She climbed up the least 12 feet in the air.  She slid that window open.  She catapulted her leg onto the window sill, knocking off all my shampoo and conditioner bottles in the process.  She hurled herself through the tiny window like Mary Lou Retten.  I only wish I had been inside to see the dismount!  She went around to the front door...and we were IN!!!

Now if only the keys to my car weren't also in California on that same key chain.  There it was, parked behind my sister's car in the driveway.  Did you know that you can't put a car in neutral and push it out of the driveway if you don't have the key?  Yeah, me neither.  Que Josh to the rescue..once again!  He backed up my sisters car and drove it out the side of the carport, drove it across my neighbors lawn and on to my driveway.  Saved at last.

It was a Christmukkah Miracle I tell you!

I am so grateful that I have great friends and neighbors willing to break in to my house for me.  And now my windows are all locked and alarmed...guess I'd better take that extra key to my neighbors for me!

Oh yeah...Amy texted me later to tell me she pulled a muscle during her gymnastics routine.  Bill me!


  1. I had to do the same thing in our old apartment. From then on I made sure to leave a bigger window open just in case it ever happened again! ;)

  2. Oh my GOSH! I would have been totally stressed out! Sounds like you took it all in stride thought and everything ended up working out (eventually).

    Note to self (and you): NEVER change purse while you're away from your own house. What problems it causes!!!

  3. I'm glad that you were able to get in. AND I totally understand why Josh laughed when you suggested Darren climbing in the window. For one thing, he probably wouldn't have known how to unlock your front door once he got in there :)
    Note to self: get some new batteries for our nice flashlight so that next time someone needs to borrow a flashlight I don't have to give them the dinkiest flashlight ever!

  4. The first thing I think is...THATS what friends are for! LOL!
    I love your blog too!
    Hope you holiday was merry!:)

  5. So glad it all worked out. What a fun Christmas memory you can laugh about! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. I would have liked to have seen the dismount as well.



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