February 15, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

This is our new living room rug.

 Isn't it so cute?

This is Mimi the Wonder Chihuahua on her very expensive Dog Bed
Isn't she so precious?

This is the spot where Mimi the Wonder Chihuahua 
christened the new rug 2 days after we got it
 I'm gonna miss that dog.


  1. newly adopted chihuahua stepson...urgh and double urgh. He goes out to pee...comes back in and pees...ON HIS BED. Riddle me that???

  2. Oh my gosh, girl... i TOTALLY feel your pain. My girl is the WORST. Even after she's been outside for 20 minutes. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks it's too uncivilized to poop outside.

  3. Oh, I remember those days. It's a really cute rug though!!!

  4. You owe me a keyboard. Seriously. This post and coffee swallowing at the same time - yikes! That was the last thing I expected - very funny!! Poor puppy. Visiting from SITS comment section - glad I did!!

  5. I love that rug! Yeah, the dogs gotta go. ;)

  6. I just had to stop by after seeing your comment on SITS. I wanted to come offer you a ((HUG)).

    I absolutely LOVE That rug. The colors are really fun. I need a rug for the new playroom/guestroom. HMMM...cute dog but, OY!!!

  7. ~~~Ohhhh, this is so sweet. Great puppy.



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