February 16, 2011

Things I really SHOULD be doing

I really should be at Walmart right now picking up my prescription, but I know I'd also buy a box or 20 of fudge covered mint oreos because I just saw them on someone else's blog and now I've got a fever for the flavor.

I really should be unpacking from my cruise....because I've been home for a month, and that's just plain embarrassing.

I really should be working out.  Or at least thinking about working out.  But my fatness makes me too tired, and my too tiredness makes me not want to work out.

I really should be preparing for my primary presidency meeting tomorrow night because I've got several things that need to be discussed.  BUT so far the only plan I've made is for us all to meet at Lanta's Frozone because a) I love my friend Lanta, and b) tomorrow's flavor of the day is Peppermint, and I REALLY loves me some peppermint frozen custard.

I really should be doing laundry because I've already worn these jeans to work twice this week and it's only Wednesday.  And the other day that I wore them was....yesterday.  shhhh.....

I really should be emptying the dishwasher because my sister hates to do it and she does so many nice things for me all the time.  And she's working late tonight.  But I had to play Zuma Blitz on facebook for an hour because she has totally hijacked the game from me and this is my only time to use the computer.

So in order to go to bed feeling good about myself, I'm going to do one thing on this list.

I'm going to go get me some fudge covered mint oreos.


  1. Oh boy I saw oreos on the Walmart ad today and have been craving them ever since! Thank heaven for the rocky road ice cream in the freezer...saved me a trip out in this nasty weather! ;)

  2. Anytime that little voice in your head says "Maybe I should empty the dishwasher for my sister!, " the immediate and appropriate response is always to go do it. Because I hate to break it to you, Toots, but contrary to popular belief, it is not the THOUGHT that counts at all! Now stop watching "The Good Wife, " and go BE a good wife and empty that dishwasher pronto!

  3. Good luck scratching something off your list.


  4. I think it's good that you at least accomplished the most important thing on the list. I mean, really is there ANYTHING more important than Oreos? I say there is not.

  5. I LOVE mint chocolate!! Good decision.


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