August 22, 2011

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Does anyone remember that song from the 80s?  It was a gooder, for sure!

This morning I was out watering the plants in the back corner of my yard.  It's in a very shaded area, with my neighbor's pine tree covering a lot of it.  As I was standing there, lost in my thoughts, humming along to Ke$ha, I felt like someone was looking at me. 

I looked up and gasped as I saw this peaking out from the trees.

Yes, it was Stealth Kitty...watching my every move!  I got a good chuckle and then of course grabbed my camera phone.  SK played peak a boo for a few minutes, slowly poking his head back up and then down again.  Then he got tired of the game and crept away.

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