September 22, 2009

Dear Dunkin Donuts

I have been a fan...neigh, an obsessed admirer...of yours since birth. Growing up on the East Coast, where there is a cute little white building with pink roof on practically every corner, I was spoiled by the abundance of vanilla creme filled powder sugar covered deliciousness. Oh..and Boston Cremes and crispy coconut coating. Oooh... and don't even get me STARTED on the Munchkin donut holes! And the creamy goodness of your hot chocolate!

Sadly, I moved to Utah 15 years ago where there is no Dunkin Donuts in existence. Nor is there one within a 1500 mile radius...give or take a few hundred miles. I have learned to make do with buying a few dozen of your ooey gooeyness when I've traveled to New York, Connecticut and Boston over the years, smuggling them back in my suit case. I had resigned myself to this and had even felt like I'd moved on from the tears and tantrums over not having one of your perfectly powerdery smelling stores near me.

And then Dunkin Donuts...just as I'd accepted the delicious donuts at the neighborhood Harmons as my new faves, and pretty much gotten you out of my mind, you started selling your coffee in the local grocery stores. As if THAT alone was not enough, you started advertising on tv your donuts and breakfast sandwhiches. Taunting me with pictures of my past love. I feel that this is cruel and unusual punishment. No one (namely me) should be subjected to this kind of torture.

I stand up for all Dunkin Donut lovers out there shouting "You should not advertise in areas that you don't have a damn donut stand"! There! I 've said it. And you even made me swear. Way to go Dunkin Donuts. WAY. TO. GO. I hope you're proud of yourself.


  1. Maybe this will.. maybe this wont help.. but there are Dunkin Donut locations in Las Vegas.. a mere 450 miles away. Road trip??

  2. Oh my. I may just kill myself. I am mere minutes from no less than 4 DD's.
    Without them, googiemomma can not exist.
    I feel your pain.
    googiemomma runs on Dunkin'


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