September 2, 2009

I have a new addiction. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup milkshakes from Iceberg. This is a problem for several reasons. The obvious ones being that I am quickly beginning to resemble a humvee tank, the blood in my veins is slowly being replaced with ice-cream, and they are expensive at $4.48 a pop.

However the less obvious problems are the most important and are also the reasons why I should never ever EVER eat these milkshakes again.

1. I am lactose intolerant
2. I am allergic to peanut butter

Ok, ok, no need to panic. I have a pill that I take that helps with the lactose thing (I want to make out with who ever invented Digestive Advantage One A Day lactose therapy - Please come forward if it was you). And the peanut butter allergy is not life threatening. It just causes a minor problem of exzema on my face, eye, hands, feet, ok just about everywhere. So I take a benadryl and rub some cortizone cream on it. And rub my eye on the carpet. No biggee...totally worth it.

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  1. The price we are willing to pay for a little bit of ice cold heaven. I can feel myself going into a diabetic coma just thinking about it.


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