September 14, 2009

Let's play the Fortunately Unfortunately game.

Unfortunately I found an unopened package of Halloween Oreos in the cupboard yesterday. This is an unfortunately because usually I am crippled by the powers of the Oreo. I have been known to eat an entire package in one day. Yikes!

Fortunately we have jr. fat boys in the freezer and after eating 1 of those (ok, 2) I was able to resist the Oreos and only eat about 10. or was it 15?

Wait a minute...maybe those are both unfortunately's. I'll have to think about this while I eat another Oreo.


  1. Fortunately I had an awesome shower on Saturday.

    Unfortunately we had tons of leftovers and I have been on a sugar high since then.

    Is that bad?

  2. Only when you are 92 weeks pregnant..Oh are!


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