February 17, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

What? 2 posts in one day? I know, I indulgent of me! But I couldn't pass this up.

Last night my friend and I were cleaning out the primary closet at church. (Primary in my church is the "sunday school" for the little kids. Someone thought it would be funny to make me the Primary President. Their serious lack of judgement aside, I love it!) The closet was a BIG ole mess and hadn't been cleaned out in several months.

Kristi brought her 3 kids along since their daddy was in the gym playing a "friendly" game of ward Ball. Jennalynn, the middle child, is 4 and one of the funniest (and naughtiest) creatures on this planet. She is teeny tiny but packs a LOT of personality let me tell you.

We were getting caught up in our groove thang when Kristi realized she hadn't seen the kids in a while. After a quick exploration, she found Jenna in the primary room, standing at the podium with the microphone practically in her mouth, giving a little no one. "Guys, Guys. Do you know who the Holy Ghost is? He's a big guy. Kinda like a snowman."

What?? Seriously.....where do kids think up this stuff? Had a good little chuckle over that one!


What's up little pup?