February 8, 2010

Look out blog, here I come!

It's been a few days since I've blogged.  Life has been busy and I've been super duper sick, plus had one of my bff's from high school AND my bff from college come in to town this weekend.  Woosh....time to breathe!

I am cooking up some fun are a couple of morsels to tempt you until I get my brain together.....

How I received 21 free Digornio Pizzas

My very first give away!!!
The Sunshine Blogger award that a fabulous new bloggy friend gave me
The Pay it Forward prize that I won
My love affair with Dairy....and why it is trying to kill me.
My 100th Post!

I am feeling so lucky lately that I think I am going to enter a contest to win a dream home in Hawaii.  Let me know if you know anyone sponsoring THAT type of give away!

And on an end note, did anyone else get a load of poor Gia's Stepbrother on the Bachelor tonight?  Check out the  caterpillars on that kid!


  1. Girl, you are hilarious! Can't wait for all those fun posts. BTW, your bracelets will go out in the mail today!

  2. Oh how I miss you!!! And look I can post again - yeah!

  3. Um, if you find that Hawaii dream home giveaway you better tell me about it so I can enter too! I'm so glad you won the bracelets, yay!! By the way if you decide you want to place an order from my shop, I do give discounts on orders of more than 4 items :)
    I have never made a lanyard before, but I would be glad to make one if your sister is interested!


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