February 23, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday


  1. Awww, I'm sorry. I get in those ruts too. I hope you can get your refill.

    I would cry at the Kardashians too... they are just so sad and pathetic. haha!

    Following you now. :)

  2. That reminds me I need to call the doc to get a refill on mine!

  3. The Kardashians make me cry repeatedly. Mostly the fact that they're reproducing now.

    And soy ice cream? Is just evil. Even more evil is carob... Some kind of "chocolate substitute." I cried all the way to the Godiva store 'cuz I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth.

    If your refill is expired, go to a GNC and get a bottle of something called 5-HTP. I don't usually endorse herbal supplements, but that stuff works! It increases serotonin or something and generally promotes good moods. It got me through a bad break-up and many terrible episodes of PMS. The best part is I never had any nasty effects from stopping taking it.

  4. I think I'd cry over soy ice cream, too. Blech. Give me the real stuff.

  5. I always cry over forrest gump. Hope your spirits are lifted soon!

    I am so glad you love your Bella Regali goodies!

    And no, we can't be blog friends anymore - beacause you're not even following me! Hahaha.
    You're the cutest, lady! Have a great week!

  6. Soy ice cream would make me cry too. Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  7. Soy ice cream and the Karadashians.... yup, that'll do it for me too! See ya at the pharmacy!


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