January 28, 2009

Say what??

In case you can't read this foolishness, it's an invite to doggy yoga. What will they think of next?

P.S. You can click on the pic to enlarge it.


  1. Stacy,

    Jen was telling us today how funny your blog was and I have to agree you had me laughing out loud. If you print out Ode to Paradise Bakery and drop it by on your next visit I'm certain they'll give you some free cookies. Your Satana sounds a lot like my Dudley. When he's good he's very good but when he's out. Maybe I should look into doggy yoga. He got expelled from obedience class so I'm not sure how he'd do, but at this point I'm game for anything.

  2. Well aren't you going to sign up? Come on, that sounds like some kind of fun afternoon acitvity!


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