January 11, 2010

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony...EVER??

You bet your sweet sassperilla it was!

First, let me start off by saying, I KNEW it was going to be Miss Rosalyn Skankypants that "entered in to an inappropriate relationship with a staffer" (how many times does poor Chris Harrison have to say that in one night!).  I mean, did you SEE her attack Jake in that skimpy pink bikini?  Geesh!  Somebody call the fire department!

Second of all...that Michelle chick?...she's one window short of a daylight basement.  Cuckoo!  Even Jillian and Ed told Jake to kick her crazy basket to the curb.  Though maybe he's keeping her around because as my sister so eloquently said "crazy in the head means crazy in the bed".  Thank you for those lovely words, Sis.  Classy.

And really, how many times do we have to listen to Jake say "I guess nice guys really DO finish last".  Pu-leeze!  You've already made out with 5 chicks in 5 minutes....what's so nice guy about that?  AND you let that cute teacher go home...I can't remember her name, but how cute was she with her flashy eyes and bright little smile?

My prediction for the winner?  Tenley.  If she can get up the nerve to tell him about her divorce.  She's a real peanut.  And Gia is a knock out but seems genuinely nice.  Man I hate girls like that!

Stay tuned for next weeks episode in the Most Dramatic Season of the Bachelor!


  1. We taped it and will watch tonight. Sad to here he let that teacher go, I liked her! I agree he's seems more stupid than nice to me. I really think ABC makes them keep certain ones just for the drama to make the show more interesting.

    Visiting from SITS.

  2. I searched for Skankypants last night to try to find a pic of the staffer (no luck) and ran across spoilers that shared who the winner was. I am NOT happy and it confirms that Jake is the dingbat I always thought he was. With this winner spoiler was a picture of this girl standing with him at the final rose ceremony (face to face). Now, it COULD be that she is one of the final two and someone else wins (I hope). Is Michelle the "office manager"? I think she is closeted white trash...I can say that because I come from white trash (I'm rehabilitated now).

  3. BLAH... she is such a skank! And I see where she's saying today she didnt have relations with that man (Hello Mr. Clinton) - but they were just friends... whatever skank!

    And Michelle freaks me out she's so nuts... PLEASE for Jake's safety & the safety of the others, PLEASE let her go home!

  4. I had to go read the spoilers for this season b/c I can't stand not knowing. Seems all the drama over the "inappropriate relationship" was not actually much of anything, just a staffer who showed her a little too much attention and they wanted and excuse to get rid of her.

  5. Hilarious! Girl, I knew it was going to be Roz too! Of course, I wanted Reid to be the Bachelor this year so I'm a little jaded but for the love!!!! He drives me crazy always talking about how he's such a nice guy....

  6. Oh man, that was SO SERIOUSLY AWESOME last night! It really was the best I've ever seen on The Bachelor. Mainly because she had no clue that they knew and were going to approach her - and you could totally see her wheels spinning while Chris was talking to her. Like do I deny, deny, deny and try to stay in the game? Or do I just bow out as quietly as I can at this point?

    Man, I'm so glad you watch this one!! I'll be back every Tuesday for a little bachelor gossip. ;)

  7. "Crazy in the head equals crazy in the bed"... Hi.Lar.Ious. That girl is 10 pounds of looney in a 5 pound bag!

  8. I don't watch that show. It bores me and the whole thing is bullshit. It's all for the show and the ratings and the marriage is a sham... yea. Not worth my time.


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