January 10, 2010

Perfect Brownies? Anyone? ANYONE????!!!

Once upon a time, I blogged about my obsession desire to receive the Perfect Brownie Pan for Christmas.  In case you need a reminder of this little treasure, you can click here on my first Perfect Brownie Pan post.

Well, as you may recall, my sister gave me the hugest eye roll in existence and promised that I would NOT in fact be receiving this pan for Christmas...because it was (sigh) "stupid".

2 days before Christmas my sister called me asking for ideas because all of her other ideas had not worked out.  What?  She couldn't find the pan?  How could that be?  I mean, she didn't come right out and say it, but I knew what she meant.  No perfect brownies.  It was a sad, sad day in the heart of Miss Stacy.

Christmas day came.  It was lovely.  We read the Christmas story, then proceeded to open our gifts.  I had a banner year!  New sheets, a gorgeous Pottery Barn duvet cover, a darling red wrought iron bench for my front patio, and an electric pressure cooker (oh boy do I love that pressure cooker!  That's a blog for another day though!!).  Man OH Man was I spoiled this year!  As I sat back admiring my loot, my sister said, hey, there's one more gift for you.  What?  I looked around, so pleased with my gifts, I couldn't imagine what else it could be.  As I ripped open the paper, a glimpse of a brownie caught my eye.  Could it be?  Yes,  IT WAS THE PERFECT BROWNIE PAN!!!  AND I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT!!!!!  Glory Glory Hallelujah!  Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause!

Well life got busy and I've been sick, so yesterday was the first day I had gotten around to actually trying the maiden voyage of this heavenly kitchen gadget.  It was my sister's birthday (29 again?) and she wanted a nice brownie treat.  I opened the box and read the directions.  Then I decided to be fancy and use one of their recipes for peanut butter brownies.  I questioned the called for 3/4 cups of butter.  But I made it anyway.  But I got distracted in the middle and thought I had not put enough evaporated milk in, so I added more.  Unfortunately I had just unknowingly messed  up the first batch.  The mix was too moist, the butter was boiling.  It went in the garbage pan faster than you could say Jiminy Cricket.

Today I tried for batch #2.  Again I questioned the butter.  My sister and I had a little chat about it, and we decided to go for it...again.  I mixed it all up, put in the divider, and set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes.  I waited with baited breath.  Words cannot describe the results.

Uh, Houston, we have a problem.  These pictures do not do true justice to the mess that I had on my hands.  It was like a mudslide of chocolate/peanut butter lava.  Truly a disaster.

So, I decided I would not rest until I had achieved the PERFECT BROWNIES from this dadgum pan!  I was no longer having fun.  I was on my third box of brownies...and my last nerve.  This time I abandoned the lame recipe with the 9 cups of butter, and just used the standard recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli Double Chocolate (um...yum!) brownie box.  The results?



  1. This post was great had me laughing and interested for what came next all wrapped up in one!
    Stopping by from SITS to say HI!

    Hope you pop over to my blog and enter to win the give-away :)

  2. I JUST made the Ghiradelli Double Chocolate ones yesterday!! And although I do NOT have a perfect pan, they came out awesome and I was excited to use the 8x8 glass pan WITH cover that my Dad bought me for Christmas! It helps keep them moist as they sit on the counter calling my name over and over again!

  3. They look great! The third time was the charm. Stopping by from SITS!

  4. They really do look good! I'm glad it finally worked out!

  5. Mmm, yum. My favorite brownie recipe- easy, too- is from stolenmomentscooking- look for a recipe called something like ditch the box and never look back brownies.

  6. I busted out laughing at your "diaster" brownies.. that'd be the way mine would turn out!

  7. There they are... THE PERFECT BROWNIES!! Who cares that it took 3 times to get there???

  8. I was looking for one of those pans!! Bed Bath and Beyond usually has that stuff, but not when I checked (3 different times!) If yours turns up missing, it was NOT me. :)

  9. Um...did they mean 3/4 of ONE cup of butter? Because that would be one and a half sticks, which is about how much shortening I use when I make brownies from scratch.

  10. Karen..yes, they did mean 3/4 of one cup. But the pan is really little and the mix was supposed to be "crumbly"...not so much. The butter just kept boiling and the bottom layer was just thickened grease. Yuck! can find them at Walmart..though to be honest I'll need a couple more test drives before I decided if it's work $20. Right now I"m thinking nope!

  11. I'd still eat the mess up for ya! :)

  12. Hi Stacy! Congrats on your SITS day!! I look forward to reading your blog. I am a huge brownie fan and enjoyed this particular post. I'm always in search of the perfect brownie.
    Have a good day,

  13. Happy SITS day. At first I thought the brownie pan was lame, then I saw the commercial and I was hooked. I still do not have one, but I haven't given up. Brownies in a box never fail ya!

  14. Eek, glad it finally worked out. I, too, would have determinedly made brownies until I got them right. I have found, I'll say, that the recipes on the backs of boxes and chocolate chip bags, etc. have never done me wrong!

    (Happy SITS day!)

  15. Yummmmmm.... that last batch looks amazing and has made me hungry!

    Happy SITS Day!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  16. We are definitely soul sisters. I am obsessed with baking (pie, generally) but when I got the perfect brownie pan, I fell in love.

    I'm proud of you for sticking with the pan, Stacy, and hope that last batch was amazing :)

    The Ginger

  17. I have that pan and those are the only brownies that i will bake! :) LOve it!! Here from SITS!

  18. Hahaha okay it is hotter than... all those hot places with the central ac out and just a window unit working but I have some Ghiradelli brownie mix. 3 diff kinds. It's so your fault if I am up at 3 am waiting for it to get cool enough to bake.


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