January 14, 2010

Tag-a-licious Thursday

Oh dear!  My bloggy friend Jill tagged me in her awesome blog Jill's Real Life.  The rules to this game are to answer the 5 questions and then tag 5 other bloggy pals to learn a bit more about their fabulous lives.  I'm sure this "quiz" is just going to confirm that I am a boring chubby white girl in Utah with no hope of becoming Miss America...not that I'd want to!  (Maybe just Miss America hair).

Question #1 – What were you doing 10 years ago?
  1. I was living in Provo, UT working at a lame job, dreaming of moving up in the corporate world.
  2. My best friend Szejn (a crazy little canadian man) was trying to convince me to marry him.  Fortunately I said HAIL NO! and he's now married to Colin, a darling man who still has not sent me his vegetarian lasagna recipe after 8 years. (Surprise...he's gay!).
  3. I was driving a red Ford Tempo that caught fire in the Wendy's drive through, and over heated every time I drove it further than .18 miles.  I finally abandoned it one day in the Saver's parking lot.
  4. I signed up for an email account with Yahoo and tried to learn this new thing called "the internet".
  5. I dyed  my hair a really dark brown, which I hated, so I went to the beauty school for a color fix and somehow ended up with carrot orange hair.  I then tried to color it blonde with a home kit and fried it.  Then, because I was stupid, I got a perm thinking it would make everything better.  Finally ended up cutting it all off and starting over.  YIKES!
Question #2 – What are 5 things on your To-Do list today?
  1. Work (blech)
  2. Catch up on all my bloggy friends new posts while pretending to work.
  3. Dream of Retiring and moving to Belize. 
  4. Go to Hobby Lobby and Red Robin with one of my BFFs Shana.
  5. Shave my legs...hasn't been done since the day after Christmas.  Yes, Sasquatch does exist!
Question #3 – What 5 snacks do you enjoy? (this is soooooooo limiting!)
  1. chocolate chip cookies
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Brownies
  4. Lasagna -what?  not a snack?  Whatever...I'm part Italian...there's always room for lasagna.
  5. Reduced fat ritz with sharp cheddar cheese.  Or Squeezy Cheese..whichever is more readily available
Question #4 – Where are 5 places that you have lived? 
  1. New Jersey - several towns when I was a wee lass
  2. Stone Mountain, GA
  3. Pleasanton, CA
  4. Rexburg, ID (it's so cold there that your nose hairs freeze and you feel like you have snotcicles hanging from your April)
  5. Too many places in Utah

Question #5 – What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
  1. Retire, give myself $100K to live on a year and invest the rest.
  2. Buy stock in Oreos, Dunkin Donuts, and cocoa beans.
  3. Give 10% to my Church.
  4. Buy my own island..complete with mansion and a hot pool boy housekeeper
  5. Pay off all my debts, my sister's debts and my parents house.  Then my dad will be living under MY roof and he'll have to follow MY rules.  (Just kidding ya!)
I tag the following fabulous ladies:
  1. My dear friend Micci who deserted me to have a baby and move to California with  her husband.  Big Jerk.  (Micci, not her husband...he's awesome).
  2. Shell because I think she's wickedly funny
  3. My bloggy friend Julie who was recently chosen (with her husband) to adopt sweet little baby "Z" when he makes his appearance in this world in a few short months!
  4. Karen, a new bloggy friend that just got a sassy new hair do to go along with her spunky personality!
  5. And last but not least....the fabulous Foxy who gave me first (and only) blog award!
So have fun ladies!


  1. Love your list, you're a trip! Girl, I don't even know what to say about you not shaving your legs since the day after Christmas! Thanks for participating, I loved learning more about you.

  2. Hmmmmm... this is very interesting. I love learning all those tidbits about you!!

    If I hadn't had such an excellent dream last night, I could've used this for my blog today. Maybe tomorrow though. Soon, I promise, K?

    And I'm just sayin, the sasquatch lives in my house too. That's one benefit of wintertime, right?

  3. I love these! Lasagna is totally a snack food.

  4. i am so with you on the ritz and squeezy cheese!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, I am loving your and you have made me a true follower, Love you Brownie pan post, crackin me up!!!

  6. ha ha I love the little Canadian man that wanted you to marry him :)


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