September 15, 2010

Um...Essscuse me?

Apparently I am having an identity crisis.  The other day I received something in the mail addressed to Mr. Stacy Lxxxx.  It was a little odd, but I didn't think much about it since I have gotten those things before, and Stacy is a very common male name in the South.  When I was little I lived in Georgia and knew a few boys that spelled their name the same way as me.  I hated it.  I was always so jealous of the Staceys or even the Stacies.  And forget about finding a cool rainbow pencil or awesome key chain with my name spelled the right way.

Ooops...back to the subject matter at hand.  My male identity.

Today I signed on to and this ad was waiting for me:

Stacy, more than 6310 women near Salt Lake City want to meet a man like you.

Wait...what?  Are there REALLY 6310 SINGLE women in Salt Lake?  I mean seriously, with that kind of competition it's no wonder I can't even get a date.

I wonder where I could move to that there wouldn't be quite so many women wanting to meet a man like me?


  1. You know, I always thought Stacy was the right way to spell it. Or the most common way, anyway. How wrong I was....

  2. Ha ha! My parents bought me a keychain once that said "Julia" I didn't have the heart to point it out because I wasn't sure if they just misread it or they bought it on purpose because they couldn't find a "Julie". Pretty sure it was the first reason!

    And...I've never met a guy named Stacy, so I think you're good!

  3. HILARIOUS!!!! I went to college where there was a ratio of about 4 girls to 1 boy - TERRIBLE! I obviously didn't know about that before I decided to there!

  4. I would go on a date with you. You're funny, witty and fabulous! Unfortunately neither of us like girls. But I still wish I lived close so we could have fun together Mr. Stacy!

  5. I'm gonna have to vote for a move to the southern edge of the state, where I am certain there are far less single women wanting to date a 'man' like yourself. Besides, let's face and men in over-rated. Why date when you can sit at home, watch chick flicks, and eat ice cream...all in your jammies. It's a beautiful thing.


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