November 16, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Peppermint kiss brownie bites

Welcome to another addition of Tasty Tasty.  You know, the one where I steal someone else's recipe and post it on my own site, like I'm some sort of baking genius?

Today's recipe is one that I stole from Jocelyn at InsideBruCrewLife and modified a little because I'm not a huge pumpkin fan.  So I used the white and pink peppermint kisses.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Delicious!!!!!

Click on the link above for the recipe.  It's totally easy, and delicious!

Here's a copy of her picture to get your other senses involved......  Now go make these yourself!


  1. Yea!!!! I am glad you liked them...mmm peppermint and brownies...need to make some!!!

  2. Oh man I am going to have to make those...with peppermint too, because let's face it, pumpkin is sub par!

  3. Totally going to make these with my niece and nephew. They look yummy. I just hope I can exert enough willpower to make the kisses last long enough to stick in the brownie.


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