November 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday

This past Saturday was a busy busy day.  Went to a baptism at church, bought some new shoes, then worked a 6 hour shift.  As my shift got closer to ending I started feeling light headed and nauseous.  I had had a little bit of the flu on Thanksgiving, and so I figured it was because I hadn't eaten much in the past 3 days and waved it off.  After work, I Drove up the canyon with my sis to use her gift certificate to a fancy over priced French Restaurant (featured on Sister Wives!....sadly they weren't there) and had shrimp cocktail and dessert.  On the way back down the canyon I was really feeling sick but figured it was from being in the car and the twisty road.  By this time it was almost 10 pm and I still hadn't really eaten anything all day except the shrimp and dessert.
We decided to stop at WinnCo and get some groceries because they were giving away some free eats. 

The air outside smelled terrible due to being down wind from a sewage treatment plant.  I made a semi-joke about it making me want to throw up.  As we walked in to the store we ran in to our neighbor Josh.  I asked if his wife was there, and he said that he left her alone with the kids.  We joked that he was sneaking beer and that he was going to share it with us.

All of sudden I knew I really was going to puke.  I told my sister in a panic and ran to the bathroom which fortunately was close to the entrance.

Warning...this is gonna be gross.....hence the title. :)

I barely made it in to the stall....and Cue the Projectile Vomit.  Seriously, it was like the pie eating contest scene from Stand By Me.  Except I was the only one there.  Same amount of puke, less people.  Let me tell was everywhere.  The floor.  The walls.  The seat.  My jacket.  My skirt.  My brand new $105 shoes.  In fact the only place that it didn't get on was my hair.  Not sure how that happened.

I tried to clean up as best as I could and had to tell some poor young girl at the customer service counter.  She tried to make me feel better but I could tell she was none too happy about the clean up job she was going to have to do.  And I was absolutely mortified.

Luckily my sister was close by and we were able to go home soon after.  She was so sweet to me and washed my clothes and everything.  I then spent all day Sunday in bed.  I am finally feeling better, and hope to never repeat this episode again.

P.S. My sister is appalled that I wrote this post.  She even made me edit and leave some stuff out.  She says I am bringing shame upon our family name.  Sheesh...Amateur.


  1. If we can't laugh with you on your spew who will? Did she wash your shoes too?

  2. I am totally picturing you Stand by Me style in the grocery store bathroom. That is a great movie. So glad you are feeling better though. Projectile vomiting sucks!

  3. And these are the things that make a delightfully interesting, though gross, blog post. Feel better!

  4. Now I know why Josh really prefers shopping late at night - so he can sneak some booze without ward members seeing him.

    Josh thanks you for running to the bathroom :) I'm glad that you're feeling better! Remind me to never eat at that French restaurant.

  5. Yikes! I once had to run outside a Blockbuster and use their bushes... so I know how you're feeling! Hope you are feeling better!


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