November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat?

This weekend I was house/dog sitting for my friends in Park City.  You might remember the Naked Hot Tub incident of '09. 

Yep, same house.

This weekend was going to be insanely busy and I should have said I couldn't sit for them.  Actually, I did say I couldn't sit for them, but then I felt guilty about not serving others, blah blah blah and called them back and said I would do it.  Ok, fine, really it's because she offered to pay me.  But whatever.

I'll spare you all the details of the weekend, but suffice it to say, Saturday was nuts and I was exhausted by the time I got back "home" Saturday night. Sunday I woke up , drove the 50 minutes back to my house and went to church.  I was feeling exhausted, crabby and more than a little sick.

After church, I drove back up to Park City.  I tried to take a nap but the 3 dogs wouldn't let me.  So I threw the ball around for a while, made some cookies, and started feeling more and more sick.  At 6:30 I sent my sister a semi joke text "I think my appendix is bursting".  20 minutes later I decided it was no longer a joke.  She offered to drive up and get me, but I said I would just lay down for a while and see if the pain went away.

Fast forward 1 hour.  I am crying from pain.  I drove myself to the emergency room and told my sis to meet me there.  A few thousand dollars hours later, cat scan results showed I had a kidney stone.  I was all doped up on pain killers (bless you pharmaceutical company) so we had to leave my car there and drive the hour back home.

After a night of the worst pain in my life, a morning of throwing up and crying, hours of restless sleep, I was starting to feel better.  I assumed I had passed the stone, and I was feeling like I got off pretty easily.

Until the Percaset wore off.

I am currently drugged up again and feeling pretty good.  I'm a little afraid of that  4 hour mark though when the pills wear off.

I have been receiving many kind comments and phone calls today.  And then I received these two from my dad and sister:

Dad - So, last year she had a gall stone and this year she has a kidney stone?  Are we sure her head's not full of rocks and they are working their way down her body?

Sister - Either that or since she can't get anyone to give her a diamond, her body knows the only way for her to get some sort of rock is to produce them on it's own.

Ha Ha.  Very funny.


  1. I am so sorry Stacy! That sounds miserable. And you should have just stayed up in Park City yesterday instead of driving all the way down just for church (especially if you were feeling sick!). I am sure the wild primary kids yesterday didn't help matters any. I hope that the kidney stones pass quickly!

  2. Stacy! Bless your heart! I sure do hope you pass it soon. I've never had one but I heard they are worse than giving birth (which I haven't done either). Good luck!!!

  3. Oh girl! What a horrible trick that your body played on you at Halloween!!!! I'm so sorry that you're feeling miserable, but I have to say, the comments from your dad and sis DID make me laugh. Sorry.


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