November 25, 2009

I am alive!

I'm alive and  well to blog another day.  Woohoo!  The surgery went really well. I had a pretty bad asthma attack while trying to wake up and had to get 2 breathing treatments.  Then I was on oxygen for a couple of  hours b/c I couldn't regulate on my own.  But other than that, no problems.

I feel pretty good. I've been up and moving around and have been nibbling the past 2 days.  A little pain but nothing that a nice Loritab can't fix in a jiff!  Now if only the Chihuahua would stop jumping on my stomach!

So happy Turkey day tomorrow to all of my bloggy friends.  I hope your holiday is special!


  1. stacy, so glad to hear things went well (and to find your blog)! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope it's an enjoyable day!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Should we all come, sit on your bed, watch bad movies & eat jello with you?


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