November 10, 2009

Today I am on the BRAT diet. Again. In case you don't know what this's Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. I've been having stomach problems for the past month and I keep going back on this diet for a few days until I feel better. Actually today I'm just on the TAG diet..Toast, Applesauce and Gingerale, because I don't have any bananas or rice and I'm too lazy to go to the store.

Before I left for work, I was smart enough to grab a jar of Mott's chunky applesauce from our food storage to bring with me. This jar is liquid gold to my sister and me. They do not sell the chunky kind in Utah. Anywhere. I had to order it special from Smith's grocery entire case of it from Mott's. So we have been using this liquid gold sparingly. I opened the jar and was aghast to see some bad spots in it. I quickly checked the expiration date....Best if used by May 8, 2009. Oops.

Since I don't like to be wasteful, and this case of applesauce cost me $17, I decided to eat it anyway. I threw away the bad spots. No one has to know. Then there was a strange stringy thing in it. I choose to believe that it is a piece of apple stem, and not a spider leg which it really resembles.

My mom used to work for the customer service department of Lucky grocery stores in CA. She was the one that took the calls from upset people. One day an old lady called her and said that she found a dead spider in her frozen lemonade. Um...gross. Frozen dead spider. I can't remember the results of the phone call, but obviously the lady was not satisfied. Because a week later my mom received a letter in the mail from the old lady. Complete with said spider, wrapped in a baggie. I'm sure that was a once in a lifetime occurrence. That a poor little spider did not suffer the same fate as the lemonade spider and fall in to the vat of Mott's Chunky apple sauce. Yes, I'm sure it's just an apple stem. I threw it out just in case though.


  1. I have never even heard of Mott's chunky applesauce. I have never found a spider in my food, but my brother did find a big piece of glass in his burger from Carl's Jr. one time.
    I hope that you get feeling better soon!

  2. Oh yuck! I think I would forego eating the applesauce after that...I'm too squemish! Hope you get feeling better!

  3. I am quite intrigued by this chunky applesauce. Do they sell it in any of the states close to us? I would love to try some.

    Feel better!


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